Cave Dwellings: Zebras, Foxes…and Fishing Teams..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zebras, Foxes…and Fishing Teams..

McGyver and I have been busy in the yard…still.  We tore out about 30 bricks we  had surrounding the back of our garden around the wood deck.  It seems that most of them came out in pieces…This isn’t surprising since they have been in there for 15 years.  Sometimes I cannot believe we have lived in this house for 37 years.  That cannot be…I am only 39 years old Sarcastic smile

101_2540  101_2537101_2527

We are replacing the bricks with the same scalloped concrete trim that is in the front…McGyver had to cut a couple of them to fit.  This requires a special saw blade and some goggles..Usually Dennis refuses to wear goggles when doing this kind of stuff, so I was shocked to see that he actually had some goggles on this time…I didn’t dare take a photo…I didn’t want to disrupt the moment…

I was doing the “happy dance yesterday..We had our first Hummingbird.  He was a Ruby Throated one, and he moved too darn fast for me to leap up and get my camera.. I swear those little birds watch me through our window and make a fast getaway the minute I move toward the camera!  I did get a photo of the nursery built in the bush by our deck…



This poor featherless little dude looks sooooo pathetic.  Is there anything on earth more sad looking than a baby bird?? I had to stick my whole head into the bush to quickly get this shot off.  ..And just how do those birds get that nest to stay together, anyway?? Bird nests and spider webs have always fascinated me…What an engineering feat Mother Nature displays!!

I knew “mama bird” was close by because she was dive-bombing me as I pulled myself out of the bush..which was amusing in of itself.


YES, MA’AM!! I WILL CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY!!  She looks like she wants to get an order of protection against me from the Bird Police…Darn, but it’s gonna be tough to get more photos as the little bugger/buggers grow..But, you know me…If I  have to don a very large worm disguise, I will not be deterred!!

We had a “not so pleasant” surprise in the mail this week…Our real estate tax bill came and the ‘ol taxes went up …HEY!! We have that “old person’s” tax freeze !! …How could those taxes go UP??  McGyver, who is much more in tune with tax stuff, figured out that the multiplier went up…CRAP!…Ya know, I should have seen this coming when I read in the newspaper that the our local high school has a “Fishing Team” this year…Yes, I did say …a FISHING TEAM!! IS IT JUST ME??? PEOPLE!!, PULLLLLEASE!! TAKE YOUR KIDS FISHING IF THEY WANT TO GO, BUT DO NOT ASK ME TO PAY FOR IT!! Sheesh.

Dennis and I have been helping our Aunt and Uncle out lately…He no longer drives, and she can’t, so we have been chauffeuring them to get their groceries once a week.. They are in the process of arranging some Senior transportation to assist, but in the meantime Den and I are glad to help and enjoy their companionship…Speaking of these two amazing Elders in our the family, I just had to share this fabulous picture the they have in their basement…


This is really a great framed mural..It’s been in this basement for over 50 years…and it is huge…


As you can see, it really is the focal point of the room. (“Focal point” is a term I learned while working for a florist..I like to throw it out there to  impress people Nerd smile!!)  Uncle Jr. built this home himself in the mid-late 1950’s…No kidding, it is like stepping back in time when you walk in the door…Everything is immaculate and very well preserved…including Uncle Jr. and Aunt Jeanette!!…

Well, it’s just about cocktail hour here at the Cave Dwellings…This weekend Den and I have no babysitting duties on the docket, so we will get our Saturday Date Night in…I really need this weekly ritual..It gives me a chance to get out of my jeans, sweats and T-shirts, put on some make-up and try to become a FOX once again..Alas, the closest I can get to being one is joining the “FOX Valley Older Adults”… 


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  1. Always love your posts... How many baby birds are there in the nest? You'll have a good time watching them grow and fledge. Date night, huh? Go somewhere special!

  2. I keep trying to picture you in the worm costume. Occasionally these men of ours will surprise us with doing something safely. Not often though.

  3. You will always be a foxy fox to us...

    None of us are getting older just better!!!

  4. not a day over 39! got that right!..enjoy the date night!..same place same time same food?..oh and the same date!..I love consistency too!

  5. Hey, Donna, forget about trying to be a fox again(although you could)!

    Foxes are old and stale now - go for the hip 'n happening thing and become a 'Cougar'.

    Please post the pics!!

  6. glad we arent the only ones that cant get good pics of hummers...can see feeder from kitchen window, if I so much as breathe off they go
    Have fun on date night..