Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, May 4, 2012


  McGyver and I have been seemingly buzzing around like bees these days…Why is it our yard work takes us more time to finish?  And why do small tasks end up being all day affairs?? I managed to get all the bird feeders hung and dug out some more Iris bulbs..We finally got some rain this week, so stuff is beginning to “take off”…


Our white clematis is lovely, our Japanese Maple (baby) survived another Illinois Winter…and the ferns are beginning to look like something out of “War Of The Worlds”…



My poor Hydrangea is stunted from the hard frosts, but the Iris are just fine…This Hosta is absolutely huge, and the color of the leaves is very unusual..I should write the names of my plants down when I buy them….actually I think I did, but I now cannot remember where I put that list…So, for lack of the scientific name, I will name that Hosta “Kermit”.  (My apologies to all of the serious Botany students out there.  I is what I is )

Below, left, is one project that has been sitting like a DUD for almost a month now..I obviously do NOT have a green thumb…


…I guess it will be Xmas before I have any Hibiscus from these seeds.  My basil, on the other hand, is dancing right along, taking time out to glance smugly over at the plantless containers to it’s right.

Dennis and I noticed a couple busy Robins diving in and out of a bush on our lot line right outside our big kitchen windows…We were sure there was a nest in progress, and yesterday I had to go and see for myself.  Not realizing I could be disturbing Mrs. Robin, I clomped over toward the bush and soon saw a movement in there…


I immediately saw her jump off the nest…not leaving it, but sitting right by it, guarding it from this big lummox of a humanoid with a camera in hand.  Soooooo sorry, ma’am….I didn’t think you and your “significant other” had already tucked those eggs in the nest…I’ll just be leaving you alone…for now. NoteLullaby, Noteand Good night..Note

I have been heavily into my genealogy lately, which also would account for neglecting my blogging…sorrySad smile..I managed to find my 4th cousin online, and he has filled in SOOOOO many blanks for me about my Harnish side of the family. (That would be my Paternal Grandmother’s side).  He sent me lots of info and photos..and this morning McGyver scanned some of mine to send to him… Thanks, Ron, for all your hard work…This may seem like small stuff to some of you who don’t get into their lineage, but to me it is VERY EXCITING!!  At least our kids can find out where the insanity on my side came from, right? Smile with tongue out

Last night, McGyver and I were sitting by the campfire watching the weather.  We notice some huge thunderheads building to the Northeast, toward Chicago, and also noticed that the O’Hare Field take-off and landing pattern was now going over our house.  The jets were trying to avoid these storms…



We were being missed by these, but Chicago had 50 cent size hail and big winds….Later that evening, about midnight WE got our butts kicked by some pretty heavy thunder and lightening..One thunderbolt was so close, I had to poke McGyver  to make sure he wasn’t hit by the lightening outside our open windows…No worries, he did his famous “WHAAAAT??”  when I poked him…Sheesh, I  had to make sure you were still amongst the living, Dude!!!


Tonight our 3 Heiser grandkids and their dog, Bogie, are coming to stay the weekend.  This means treats , of course…



Terrie and Tim are going to Indianapolis to run the Indy Mini-Marathon with Chris and John…The Mini is just 13 miles instead of 26…Wait a minute, did I say JUST 13 MIILES????  I have trouble even walking 2 miles lately…Running anywhere for “MOI” would require Depends,… and an ambulance tagging along behind…




Soooo, now you know what my next blog will be about…grandkids, granddogs and runners….No mystery here, eh???? Thanks to all for reading…I really haven’t checked my followers for new ones, which is very neglectful on my part….Manners were never my strong point, so I will check in with Emily Post and get back to ya…

“Last night the creative juices were flowing but today I am merely a vast wasteland of random thoughts.”



  1. Getting ready to head out and pick up Adam, looks like a Grand weekend for both of us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Like you, I have noticed our yard work takes longer these days as well. Has the yard become bigger? No, I have just become slower. There are a few blocks of time during the day now that I am snoozing instead of working as well. Not impressed with this aging stuff....not impressed at all!!

  3. Thinking about doing some yard work and flower planting this weekend - just thinking!! I'll be surprised if any action actually takes place. Enjoy the grandkids - I can hardly wait for school to be out so mine can come and stay for a while.

  4. Those are some nasty looking storm clouds but great pictures nonetheless!

    I just call it pacing myself when I'm doing yard work now.

    I get that poke in the ribs too with "did you hear that?". Hey - if I heard it I'd be awake!!! Just go back to sleep!

  5. Great cloud pics! I'd rather not see them close up, however. :)

  6. Great shots of that robin nest! I never think to check the bushes for nests of smaller birds.

  7. All of your plants are really looking good. I love spring but have noticed that it doesn't last long in the deep south anymore! Today it felt more like August than May. Anyway, your plants look great!
    Those were some awesome cloud pics! I can see why the jets were routed around that stuff!!
    Have fun with the kids!! :-)

  8. wonderful cloud pictures! Sometimes I wish I had some yard work to do, but the feeling doesn't last long! I just miss my hostas and coneflowers and hummingbirds.....

  9. Personally I dont look at it as a sympton of not at all...just think about it this way.When you were working full time you were limited in how much time you could spend in the know what they call 'time management'> now that you're retired you are still managing just have more of it to fill in, ergo, you are spending your time wisely by dragging out the yard work...see my point :-)