Cave Dwellings: When I’m 64….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When I’m 64….

“When I get older, losing my hair, many years from nowNoteNote
Will you still be sending me a valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine?
If I'd been out 'til quarter to three, would you lock the door?
Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm sixty-four?”

When I was rockin’ this song out during my teen years I had no vision of actually BEING a 64 year old..But “Yesterday”,(another old Beatles number), I had my 64th birthday…Gosh, only one more year until I qualify for Medicare (we use to call it “Dreadicare” at the Dr.’s office I worked at.)..The way it looks, there is a very good possibility Medicare will be getting a complete overhaul soon.  It probably will not even resemble the plan that is now out there…oh well.

My Ya Ya friends surprised me with some nifty gifts…I got a Purple  Smoke Tree, and a peach colored Hibiscus plant…Dennis planted the Smoke Tree right by our deck and it looks just great there…and then we planted the Hibiscus right next to it…FABULOUS!





HEY!! Check out this great garden flag..Great for ME, that is…Thanks, YaYa know me waaaay too well..Smile with tongue out






My birthday DAY was a beautiful sunny day..We went up to our aunt and uncles house, and I gave Uncle Jr. a haircut.  Then we sat around and had a great visit…I couldn’t think of two more wonderful people to be with…

Monday evening we went to Taylor’s concert at her school.  It was a combination of the talent singing group called “Midknight Special”..(the school mascot is a Knight)..and a jazz band concert.  It never ceases to amaze me at the talented kids out there….We really enjoyed it..


They sang songs from the show “Hairspray”, and dressed up like the ‘50’s…The 8th grade girls did make up and hair…note Taylors attempted “french twist”..(OK, I KNOW I’m not the only one out there who remembers that ‘do)..Tay said that the girl who attempted it teased it up before twisting it…Ladies, remember teasing hair??? A.K.A. ratting and snarling up your hair so bad you were destined to wear that hairdo one full week before trying to brush it out?? And , being an OLD hairdresser, I know that the length of Taylor’s hair made it nearly impossible to get that stuff held up with some meager bobby pins..but they did try and I give them credit.


Above is the jazz band…I don’t remember an electric guitar in our high school jazz band, do you?? These kids were all really good, and McGyver and I were tapping our toes.

The highlight of my birthday DAY was going to Menards with Dennis…Since our old fountain fell apart last year, I have been wanting another one.  I miss that sound of trickling , running water when sitting on our deck ..I need to get that sound back before I need Depends just to enjoy it…I decided I would like a “jar” fountain, and have been looking around at some..Well, McGyver is going to live up to his name yet again..He told me he is going to MAKE me a jar fountain…So, yesterday we stopped at Menards and came away with some pieces to make one…



Here is the huge terra cotta jar we got on sale…Original price $99, on sale for $49…Rolling on the floor laughing

We also got some bricks, rocks, water spewer (hey, I don’t know what else to call it), a container for water…Heck , we just got a  whole bunch of stuff!! We still might need a bigger pump than the one we got, but that is yet to be decided..OK, McGyver..DO YOUR MAGIC!!


This weekend we are going to Zionsville, IN to visit our youngest daughter and their family.  We haven’t been there since last Fall, so I cannot wait…John has Dennis  booked to  help install a screen door out to their patio…Rest assured , photos will be involved…

“After a certain age, if you don't wake up aching somewhere, you may be dead.”   ~ Maxine




    Now go get on your Hoveround and go have some fun..

  2. Happy Birthday Donna!!..64?..can't believe it!!..glad you had a great day!!..mine is tomorrow!!..yikes!

  3. Happy Birthday girlie. Sure wish that Greenwood and Zionsville were closer. Would be fun to wine together.

  4. Well, happy belated birthday. You just had your 64th, and I get my 74th tomorrow. Nice plantings by your deck. By coincidence, we just planted a candelilla (an interesting little cactus or succulent or whatever) yesterday. We seem to be walking parallel paths, except we are 10 years apart doing it.

  5. Happy Birthday!! I will not tell you what I think of Medicare:(

  6. Enjoy being 64 while you can! While I don't think I've lost a lot of hair this last year, it sure seems to be a different color than it used to be. :) I only have two months left before 'Dreadicare.'

  7. Happy 64th, Donna!

    Somehow when I think of Beatle songs, you and your family, 'Yesterday' and 'When I'm 64' don't come to mind.

    What does pop into my head is 'We All Live In A Yellow Submarine'. Why is that?

  8. Happy Birthday! Wow, I hope I get that old! :D Enjoy.

  9. A very happy birthday to you. I have a singing bear with that it. I enjoyed the pictures of Taylor and always enjoy when you put up video clips of her singing (hint hint!). I just love to see young people performing and enjoying music.

  10. Howdy D&D,
    And you act so young at 64!!! Dennis
    sure got a Winner, so, did you, kid!!
    The plants sure do look great in the bed!!! We'd have lost the ranch if it wasn't for Medicare; thanx, to everyone for making it possible!!!

    Joyce & butterbean

  11. Happy belated Birthday. Six more months before we both join the Mediconfusion system. Definitely not looking forward to it as we have been blessed to have a great medical plan since 1967. Just the crap we have to go through to decide what plan(s) we need is enough to drive me crazy.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday girl! I hope I get to be as old as you. Maybe someday we can do 'Adult Beverage Hour'.

  13. Happy Birthday girlfriend. Age is only a chronological number. You're 12 in spirit. I remember my sons concerts at school, was always in awe of the ability of the kids.
    I love hibiscus, only had the yellow, red and white, never a peach....sure looks purdty

  14. Happy Birthday! Nice plants, they good good by the deck.

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA- you sure don't look 64!! Enjoy your visit this weekend..!!

  16. Be patient and watch this until the end:


  17. Hi Donna - Just wanted to clarity the above's an animated gif I made just for you..

    Remember Denemeril? Well, it's me at it again :)


  18. You sure don't look like you are 64! Sounds like you had a terrific birthday.

  19. Oh I do remember that Beatles song and I am like you....never thought I would be 64. But hey, it beats the alternative!! I'm right behind you a couple years so be brave and pave the way!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Looks like you got alot of nice things from good friends!
    Can't wait to see what Den does with the jar. I want a water feature on my patio. I'll be watching and hopefully learning!!

    Again..Happy Birthday, Donna!!

  20. You are so much fun to follow. I figured it's time to jump in the back seat! Hope there is still room!