Cave Dwellings: …Doing my Civic Duty, yet again….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

…Doing my Civic Duty, yet again….

  Not too much going on here.  We are still being held hostage by our yard.  We did discover another use for Den’s very “a peeling” old blue truck…It makes a very nice potting bench.  You can work easily on your chosen flower pot without having to bend over (not my best side, as you will soon see)…and it doesn’t matter how much of a mess you make…You just sweep off the dirt and hose off the driveway…


It also helps if you have a willing slave who is meticulous when it comes to planting and plowing.  ..Hey!  I just noticed.  This potting bench comes equipped with it’s own cooler…how convenient….HMMMMMM> Just how many beers does it take to transplant a decorative pot, anyway??

There were a few inquiries as to exactly what (if any) clothes I had on in my photo of my gardening hairdo…Well, ask and you shall receive…WARNING..KEEP ALL PETS AND SMALL CHILDREN AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER MONITOR!!





Yes, those are truly men’s “South Park”  boxer shorts…and if you cannot tell, I have on my very stylish leopard head bandana..Well, what can I say?  I am in my own backyard, darnit, and if people are offended, they need to “GET OFF MY LAWN!!!”




Today, Den and I went up to see Uncle Jr. and Aunt Jeanette…I have to tell you that his real name is Clarence, and so was his Dad’s, hence the tag of Junior…Jeanette has NEVER called him that, and only refers to him as Clarence. We took them to get a few groceries and some tomato plants.. Jeanette has dug up some flowers behind their garage and wants to plant some of  her own tomatoes….At 96 years old, the last thing I will be thinking of is planting tomatoes…Heck, I won’t even be able to SAY tomatoes without drueling…(and NOT because it sounds yummy!)


McGyver was the chauffeur for the day..Jeanette and I sat in the back seat and told the men where to go…(in our dreams)…We always end up at Meijer so they can get their weekly 2 gallons of ice cream…If eating ice cream everyday makes you live longer, than count me IN!!! Note how dressed up she is…She puts me to shame. I actually had on my famous lighthouse cardigan, shorts and no make up…upstaged by a 96 year old…JEEZ!!

101_2564This is their living room..notice the giraffe on the table….

L to R..Evonne Cave, Linda Anderson, Jeanette Bark, Juanita Anderson...standing Merrillee Anderson

Here is Jeanette opening that very same giraffe as a Xmas gift from Uncle Jr…This photo is vintage late 1950’s or there abouts…LOVE IT!!

Soooo, I got a surprise in the mail Monday…A summons for jury duty June 4th…I swear they draw out of the C’s every 4 years or so… I have served on a jury twice in the last 8 years and I guess “duty calls”, yet again.  It isn’t that I mind…Actually it is very interesting, and the DeKalb County Courthouse is very old and historic.  But I would much rather be spending my Summer days outside than in a marble floored courtroom, where my loud voice echos even if I whisper.  I am hoping the fact that my son-in-law is a detective, and we are friends with a lawyer might get me out of it..We shall see…If only I could take pictures…But, alas, the guards who are at the door, X-raying  purses and taking keys before you go through the metal detector, have NO sense of humor at all…

And so I get to the bottom of the page , and it is now cocktail hour for McGyver and me…So, I need to get into my “ensemble”....Thanks for tuning in for my drivel…




  1. No kidding---you look great!

    I always enjoy your blog.

    Todd Temple

  2. you are always such a hoot!..thanks for the smile tonight..I needed it!

  3. I've never, ever been called for jury duty. But, if I was on a jury for determining your guilt or innocence for the outfit your wearing, I'd have a hard time calling that plain 'innocent'!!

  4. My imagination runs rampant just thinking of you being on jury duty! Let us know what kind of cases you hear... murder or whatever? Should make for an interesting blog!

  5. Very stylish living room for a 96 year old--good for them! We live so far out in the country if I wanted to garden in my birthday suit (heaven forbid) I could--no one around to see!

  6. I agree w/ Judy...
    Jeanette is a marvel no way she
    appears her age...
    Have never had to serve on jury,notices I got when I was younger, just wrote on them husband police officer, never heard from them again. no defense attorney wants anyone from the law enforcement family on a jury.

  7. I also have never been called for jury duty:)

  8. I just served on the Grand Jury here in Troup County. In fact, I am still sworn in for the spring session and will have to return June 29th. Oh well, it is very interesting.. Yes, they walk among us!!

    Nice outfit!! :-)

  9. Howdy D&D,
    Good pic of Dennis, truck, flowers,
    & ?... I surely am glad I'm not indicted in Sandwich, for anything; having you on a jury is scary!! No
    matter which side of the bed you got up on!!! Oh yeah, that's a cute gal in the shorts! One of the daughters?
    That's a strawberry planter Den is putting flowers into!! Aunt Jeanette & Uncle Jr are WONDERFUL PEOPLE and she can plant tomatoes anywhere she wants to.. She is a doll.. Like someone else we know!!