Cave Dwellings: Cav-a-palooze…the abridged version!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cav-a-palooze…the abridged version!

  We had a “mini” Cave party at our house this weekend..The 3 Heisers were here Friday and Saturday night while Mom and Dad went to Indy to run the Mini-Marathon..I guess you could say it was a weekend of “minis”.  We also had a canine member and a neighbor friend to complete the entourage…

Terrie and Tim went to Chris and John’s house in Zionsville, and they all ran in the big race…I’m not sure why it’s called Mini…to me, 13.2 miles at a run is no small feat.  I just rode my bike a couple miles and I was draggin’ my arse the last block..Tour de France won’t be seeing me anytime soon…

before raceterandchris

Left is before the race, about 6AM…Right are “the Cave sisters” after the race..YOU GIRLS ROCKED IT!!! They all did great and had a fun weekend together…John finished in the top 500!

As for the Cave Dwellings, well…we had a regular marathon sleepover going on here…


Taylor, Jessica..and Bogie the dog left…(Usually when the 3 Heisers come over, our neighbor, Jessica joins the family)..…Right is Peyton and Campbell snoozing..

We had a pizza cook off Saturday night..The kids make their own stuffed crust pizza, using mozarella string cheese tucked into the crust….



…then they used shredded parm, sauce, mini pepperonis, Italian sausage, and of course gobs more cheese…Immediately after I took this photo those last 4 pieces disappearedPizza





Everyone here is competing with each other in a game on their hand held contraptions that I totally do NOT understand…I am not even sure what they are called..DS, ST, SP, XP…Heck, I could barely make that darn Atari work on the TV in the 80’s!! (or was that the 70’s?)  I did manage to shoot lots of birds with those guns we got with another TV game back then…AND..I was a “master ponger” at the old Pong game…(By now I have lost anyone born after 1980).

The Heiser dog, Bogie, came for the sleepover too…She slept with Taylor and Jessica…I refuse dogs in my bed.  Dennis takes his half out of the middle, so there is NO room for any varmits. Bogie is a rescue dog, part Pit Bull (those 2 words give everyone pause) and part who knows what…She is a very gentle and sweet dog, and she is deaf …TOTALLY!…This isn’t a problem until she makes a break outside and we all have to go to find her…You cannot call a deaf dog… This makes catching her much more of a challenge..Bogie made a jail break twice while she was here…The trick in getting her attention is to take some food…. and hope she can smell it or see you with it…I lost a pretzel and some string cheese in these 2 separate pursuits…

101_2517Ya gotta have her on a leash..easier on the legs and the grocery bill.

Sunday afternoon about 1PM, Ter and Tim came to retrieve their clan…Those kids slept until almost 11AM..The only thing that finally roused them was the thunderstorms rolling through…I fed them scrambled eggs, waffles and sausage for “brunch”…. After loading all the DS (or whatever they are), chargers, blankets (all 3 kids still sleep with a piece of their old baby blankets), books, DVD’s, toothbrushes, dog food,,,and on and on.. they hugged us goodbye and Jessica too.  Then they all piled into the car and pulled out of the drive..And as they backed out, another thunderstorm was building just behind them…





Man, those storm clouds were really coming in from the North…and we  had storms most of the day yesterday here…We have flash flood warnings here..I remember one year when it rained 7” in one hour and we could row a boat down our street…You could also take a swim in many basements on this street too….YUCK!! Well, we had an exciting weekend, how was yours???








                                                                             ~ Taylor Heiser


  1. Our weekend was certainly a lot quieter than yours for sure. But I'm also sure you guys had a lot more fun!

    Lots of great family pics!

  2. Love the quote from Taylor - my 12 year old granddaughter still has a stuffed rabbit that she lugs around. Sounds like a lot of fun, my weekend was quiet...except for a call from my daughter wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. I wished her a Merry Christmas since we were doing things early! Family - the best thing ever.

  3. It's Tuesday morning... I'm expected to remember what happened last weekend? Looks like yours was a lot of fun... made me excited about seeing my own family soon.

  4. Other than trying to keep Angela out of the Cinco de Mayo Tequila it was a laid back weekend.

    p.s. I know she has already read your blog so I'm safe...I hope

  5. Hey kiddo, and you think I work too hard....boy will take a job anytime have to work harder than me w/ a house full of kids and animals...of course Den has that same smile on his face walking bogie he had when he walked Riggs....dont think its a chore for him.