Cave Dwellings: Grenada Lake, North Abutment
Cave Dwellings

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grenada Lake, North Abutment

  Well, we are all nestled in at Grenada Lake, MS.  Not sure how long we will be here, but we are in a non-reservable spot and we can “pay as we stay”.. As you can see from the header photo, our site is HUGE, and there are only about 6 other campers here.  Weather is 55 degrees and sunny today.  I  had planned the first couple dinners of “meals on RV wheels” to be pretty easy, and not in need of grilling, thus McGuyver has gotten off pretty easy.  Monday night, we had my homemade beef stew, which I made a couple weeks ago and froze for just this occasion.  Last night I whipped up some spaghetti sauce (Lord knows I have plenty of red wine) , a salad and some dinner rolls I brought from our family festival.

Tonight, I am letting Chef Dennis get on his grilling apron.  I have some Rib Eye steaks marinating in my special “stuff”…Hey, I just realized that I use red wine in that stuff, too!!  Basically my marinade consists of said Red Wine, EVOO, Balsamic Vinegar, Lite Soy Sauce, Dijon Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce, chopped garlic and fresh ground pepper. For 2 steaks I use 1T. of each…but never measure..If I have 4 steaks, I double it to 2…See???… I gradiated from HS!!!…and flunked Math….thus the reason I RARELY measure …Sometimes, I need to convert the metric over to our system for a recipe..but I just use my own “mysterious” system and fly by the seat of  my pants…IMAGINE THAT.

  I highly recommend this campground, especially if you are 62 years young, or over..That will get you 1/2 price camping at any Army Corps Campgrounds, which is one of the major reasons we like them…Not that we are cheap…Wait a minute..We ARE cheap!..I figure we have to defray our high fuel and liquor costs somehow, right??


Left, you are looking at part of a dry lakebed.  If you squint and look waaaaay off to the right in that photo, you will see some of the lake…The photo on the right was taken on our walk this AM…We walked 2 miles around the 3 loops of this campground.  That photo was taken on the bay.  You are looking down a vacant campsite right on the water…See the Canadian Geese on the water??  Can’t beat this place for $9 buckos a night..


  I took above photo yesterday about 3PM…The sun had yet to make an appearance, but it finally did today.  Just about the time McGuyver was going to light a campfire last night, it started raining….Tonight looks much more promising!!

As for all you kids in the who piled out of the back seat of our GMC, just remember that the quiet hours are from 10PM until 6AM….I doubt ANY of you will be up before that…well…maybe Al….Please don’t scare our new passenger, PAM, just behave, keep the noise down, and NO Green Bay Packer flags allowedAnnoyed!!

Keep close to Nature's heart...and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

John Muir


  1. Packers, now you tell me, I thought it was Packards and the team all drove around in old cars from the 50's like in Cuba. Sheesh that just made my day. Tell Denny to stay away from the water so I don't have to have Rigg's drag him out. He's the rescue swimmer in the family now. Looks like we got our first freeze last night it was 31 on the thermometer in the kitchen window this morning.Hey that old peoples card is great, Donna & I both have one now, It's good in a lot of places too. Have fun and be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Beautiful site!! You just can't beat Corp of Engineer campgrounds...they are always so well kept. You all enjoy those steaks and the campfire tonight!!

  3. So close and yet we have never stayed there. Love your site.

    Stay Safe

  4. The difference between liquor and fuel? Never buy cheap liquor.

  5. COE Parks are always so beautiful and this one is no exception. Not sure I like those quiet hours though. I mean we are such partiers.

  6. One of these days I'll stop having break downs so I can take advantage of COE parks. Luckily, wine is a basic necessity in my budget! :)

  7. Yea Judy!! I just knew we are "like budgeters!"

  8. looks like a great spot for an even better price!!! money for the 'happy hour beverages'!!Cheers..enjoy the campfire..maybe tomorrow a picture of your campfire ensemble?

  9. What a great spot! Hope those steaks turned out great!

  10. Haven't tried any COE parks yet but hope to soon. Looks very nice. A small sidebar maintenance request for you if you don't mind. Could you please modify our blog address to read I moved from blogger to Wordpress last spring and the switch didn't go as smoothly as I hoped.

    We had frost here in Red Bay this morning.

    Safe travels.