Cave Dwellings: In Countdown Mode…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In Countdown Mode…

I would like to welcome a new face to the Cave Dwellings….Jump in the truck, Bud Russman , AKA Arizona RV guy….Make sure you bring a warm jacket ‘cause we don’t always end up in a warm climate when we leave here!!

McGuyver and I are officially in a “countdown mode”…We have been  hauling stuff out to the Hiker for the past few days.  Yesterday we attempted to take a few things out , but it was pouring rain most all day and we ended up with 3” of the wet stuff before dark..Then, this morning we woke up to more rain!! I should have known better than to try to wash the black streaks off the Hiker on Monday!! Now the darn things are right back where they were, looking similar to myself when I do the ugly cry and my mascara runs.


Den has just put the bike rack on the back and mounted our bikes in place.  When walking becomes a pain in my buttkus, I will ride like the wind!!

I also put a Xmas wreath on the outside  ladder at the back of the camper that I can plug in when we “land”…Dennis sanitized the water tank today, and now the ice maker and part of the Hughesnet Satellite dish are in our truck backseat…..

…Oh, RATS!!!…OK…, all you kids are  gonna have to sit carefully on top that thing when we travel…McGuyver thinks it will have a smoother ride in the truck than in the Hiker basement…Obviously, he had no concern for your comfort, eh?   We  hope to get on the road Monday morning at first light , after having a family get together Saturday…Yep, I will try my darndest  to post pics of that insanity on Sunday ,in between last minute loading stuff up and pulling the Hiker up on our driveway for a fast getaway!!


Yesterday,  I made a trip to our small local grocery store called Art’s Super Mart.  They have pretty good prices on wine, and I want to make sure I have plenty on hand.  A funny thing (well, actually a dumb thing) happened while I was shopping.  Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a tall, extremely handsome man about my vintage ( but looking MUCH more “well preserved” than I).  After another quick glance, I realized that I had graduated high school with him.  Now, as you can imagine, I was my usual self….. “sans makeup”, and in baggy jeans, my trusty “old lady” lighthouse  cardigan,with hair extremely unkempt, wearing my orthopedic crocks and toting a faux leopard skin purse…I did NOT  want to exchange “long time no see” hugs in this shape!!!…I need to tell ya that this kid (name of Dan) went to NY City after graduation and landed some roles on TV, plus he was the announcer for the soap “As The World Turns” forever….My credentials for theater consist of one high school play as the sixth child of a dumpy family….I repeat..I did NOT want to run into Dan Region ,(his stage name)…I stealthily maneuvered my grocery cart down a few aisles and did my fastest run to the check out ever…( with my face buried in my hooded sweatshirt)…WHEW!!Ninja

I do have to admit..when I got into the GMC in the parking lot, I sat for a few minutes waiting to get another look at “Dan” as he exited the store.  My bad luck, he was a slow shopper, and never showed…. plus I was concerned about an errant cop on patrol, thinking I was “Chester the Molester”.  The last thing I needed was a flashing police squad next to me… so I got it in gear and took off….sigh. Thinking smile

Sooo…McGuyver and I are on a countdown to get us eventually to some warm weather place with some relaxation…A place we can wear shorts and sweat…with sunshine and blue sky!!!


If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you'll never enjoy the sunshine.

Morris West


  1. Were counting down with you.Hope you get off smoothly and head south in an expeditious manner to beat anymore snow, we were lucky and just had rain all week. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. And why didn't you take a picture of the "hunk" with your phone so we could all drool? lol Glad you're almost ready to head out. And hopefully into the sunshine.

  3. If Dennis has all that junk in the back seat WHERE do I put my cooler??

  4. If you head to Florida, let us know! We'll be in Clermont (close to Ocala and Orlando) from Dec 1 to the end of Feb. LOVE to meet up!!

  5. Think I recognized where you were in your bicycle picture. Recognized old Flat Top at top left. Hickiwan Trails:))

  6. Have fun packing and planning!! I feel your excitement!!

  7. What's that white stuff next to the driveway? It made me afraid.

  8. That hunk-a-dunk is probably not nearly as happy as you two! Be careful out there on the roads...hopefully we will catch up with you sometime.

  9. we are counting down!..I get the window seat!!..even with the 'dish' there will be room!!

  10. Exciting days getting ready to pull out. Glad to see Dennis has his priorities right - gotta protect that satellite dish!