Cave Dwellings: “Mama said there’d be days like this…”
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, November 19, 2011

“Mama said there’d be days like this…”

  I am now going to give you a little hint and what McGuyver did today…
Yup….We had a flushing and leaking snafu….
You RV’ers know about that little “foot pedal”,the one we all push to flush our kybos..(that’s a Girl Scout Camp word for toilet).  Well,… ours started going “clunk” last night, and McGuyver also discovered a little dripping water on the floor behind it…
This does NOT bode well for our 5th day out on our Winter trip…That thing on the right is technically called a “shroud”…Seems like a pretty biblical name for something so NOT biblical.   This morning we rode into Grenada and found a hardware store.  Dennis figured we should get one of those disgusting “rubber rings” ..just in case this leak was MORE than a hose fitting problem…and we should be ready for any crap thing that may occur BEFORE he took the kybo from it’s designated area…and moved it out where he could work on it…my kitchen!
..Hey, I actually did help with this project!! I detected where the leak was probably coming from when I accidently stuck my hand up under the back of this scoopy carved out area…AND, I suggested re-oiling the rubber gasket on the flusher ball  thingy inside the bowl…(those were purely technical words I made up…).  Believe it or not, the flusher is now working smoothly, and McGuyver tightened up the hoses in the back……BUT, he was not content with the clamps that were initially used…So, as I type this, he is riding back into Grenada to get said gaskets..the ones he prefers..One can never be too careful , just in case you blow one ( get it??).
Last night we had a wonderful campfire as the sun was going down….and discovered we were not alone..
This dude was keeping watch..and I am assuming it was a Hawk.  He was quite a ways from us, but I could feel his eyes piercing the cooler and watching our beer and wine…I got this photo just before the sun dropped off the side of the earth…and then….he was gone.  Dinner last night was chicken thighs on the grill…potato salad and baked beans…(The baked beans are one of the reasons we needed to address our “kybo” issue ASAP!!)
…BEFORE GRILLING…..                                               …..AFTER GRILLING..YUMMO!
I had our little “home away from home” all cozy inside….
…I even brought a turkey along with us, in honor of Thanksgiving..He has no worries of becoming our dinner..His little skinny butt isn’t big enough to feed that Hawk, AND his main job is keeping his corky little butt in my wine.
We are leaving here tomorrow and driving East and closer to Alabama..There is an Army Corps campground called Twiltley Branch that we want to check out.  It is imperative that one gets a place to squat for the week of Thanksgiving, and they have a lot of “first come first serve” sites…..We’re just hopin’ we will be “first”….John and Bridget, FD5, are camped around Jackson, and invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them and their family, but we are pretty much loners, not driving near Jackson,  and will be here, skyping our kids most of the day…A huge thanks to FD5 and Bridget for the invite, though…how wonderful that they thought of us!!
….More photos of this fabulous campground…Above is the swimming beach…We highly recommend this place if you ever get close…OK, McGuyver is back from his shopping trip, and that means I am on call as “kybo repair assistant”..Boy, I can think of LOTS of things I would rather do today, but some days are diamonds, some days are black water…We will give you a full report from our next  location…I can hardly wait to see what breaks next.


  1. Sorry your feeling down in the dumps! :)

  2. We just came through Twiltley Branch ourselves. While it wasn’t the holiday weekend, there was only 1 other in our loop when we departed. Twiltley is yet another great COE campground.


  3. It's looking like you have a nice peaceful setting there. Let's hope your next visit to the John will as peaceful a sitting:))

  4. Hope he gets it fixed soon I need to let the used Bush Lite out.

    Its a long walk to the big house.

  5. Better to fix it now before it ruins the floor! Good thing it didn't look to hard

  6. nice work on the toilet fix!!! are lucky that Dennis is so handy dandy!!!

  7. I would need lots of wine after working on the head ;)

  8. Hope the "John" is fixed up and running smoothly!
    Enjoy your new campground!!

  9. Feeling a little flushed, are you?

  10. Good fix on the toilet thing. Keeping those rubber gaskets lubed with silicone is a good idea.

    Looks like you've got a really great spot their for a quiet Thanksgiving dinner - happy hunting for a Turkey!

    Guess what? I just noticed the word verification thing is "biffee" - how about that for a coincidence!

  11. McGuyver might be a potty mouth when he gets finished with that little task.

  12. Uh Donna, how come in the before pic of the chicken there are 5 pcs. the after only 4....did you
    test out a piece before McGuyver could ??