Cave Dwellings: Quick blog..more bad weather moving in!
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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quick blog..more bad weather moving in!

OK…I was cleaning the Hiker, cause I like to give her a good inside clean before we travel, then I heard the weather…McGuyver was going to wait and take down our internet dish until this evening, but it looks like the weather is gonna make it earlier.  We have more severe storms moving through Southeast Mississippi….and it is clouding up as I type this….


  …”the stockings ( overalls) were hung by the cupboards with care”….





So, we are getting some pretty strong wind gusts off the lake right now, enough to shake the Hiker…No, kids, you CANNOT go outside and run through the rain in your underwear!!!

Tomorrow AM, we are heading for Springfield, LA and Tickfaw State Park, complete with more alligators….But, we hope to cruise Plantation Road and tour Oak Alley Plantation from there….Last night we went to the Meridian Moose lodge and I have never gotten so many sincere Southern hugs and welcomes….What a nice group of peeps..and the fact that we won the war didn’t bother them at allLaughing out loud !!   Found out they have RV hook ups there, complete with W and E, sewer..and an Olympic swimming pool…for $7 a night if you are a Moose…No, a Deer, Elk or Bear won’t get ya in…

OK…weather radio is beginning to squawk a few watches….Last time we “watched” from the Hiker….this time we might take some action!! Hang on , group….It could be a very tight squeeze for all of us to get into the brick “kybo” house …Watch for spider webs and snakes….HMMMMM>….Maybe riding it out in the Hiker will be a better plan….Time will tell…LATER!!!!Storm cloudFingers crossed


  1. Supposed to be a rumbling sky here this afternoon also. Be careful out there!

  2. It's a rainy day here, but no warnings yet.

  3. Raining in Dardenne Prairie also.Gues half the country is like that. Bet the sun is out at the Sands in Palm Springs. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. You guys stay safe. And let us know that you're okay when you can.

  5. Luv the xmas overalls, I used to have something similar to that.

  6. hope the storm is just a big bag of wind and doesn't amount to anything!!!..take care and be sure to keep us all posted!!

  7. I got bamboozled by the word verification first time and lost my post. So, here's hoping you're safe and sound and the storm didn't get you! Travel safe!

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  9. Stay safe! We visited Oak Alley 3 Christmases ago while in the area to attend Christmas Eve bonfires in Gramercy, LA [what an event...the fires help 'Papa Noel' find all those lil' ones along the Mississippi]. Love your Christmas decor!