Cave Dwellings: Lovin’ these Army Corp Mississippi campgrounds….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lovin’ these Army Corp Mississippi campgrounds….

  Above header are the new Cave Dwelling’s diggs until this Sunday. We are about 15 miles North of Meridian, MS, near Collinsville, MS and situated on Lake Okatibbee.  Our site backs right up to the lake and the weather has been 75 degrees.


We have had an evening visitor….


…I believe this could be an Egret, but if it isn’t, I’m sure Birdlady of Blogland  will give you the correct name…The way I see things’s a bird, it’s white, could be an Egret.  He was having great success with dinner right behind our campfire, and paid no attention to me rudely watching him eat.

Yesterday, we went into Meridian and did our laundry..and I must say it was one of the cleanest Laundromats we have ever been in.   Even though McGuyver could NOT believe I did this, I brought the camera in the laundry to get a photo of this sign…




It was number 2 that got my attention…”INSERT appropriate number of coins or debit card”… Debit card??.Is is just me, or is this something new..? Using debit cards to wash and dry laundry is very telling of where our country is at…It use to be that the debit card was used to BUY a washer and dryer, not OPERATE one…I must be getting old.




We took our walk around the two loops of Twiltley Branch campground and got some photos of the dense swampland we are tucked into.  And, yes, they do have alligators in this lake, though I haven’t seen one ….yet.  If I were an Egret, “ I would watch my step” while finding dinner.  That Egret could BE dinner.!



When we drove into the campground, a sign was posted saying, “Alligators exhist in this lake.  Fish or swim at your own risk.” 10-4,    A-OK,    Gotcha!

There are quite a few fishing boats today…Wonder how hard it would be to pull a gator in…or who would want to!  This area is subject to some intense flooding….


Left..the sign in the tree…….Right, a 6’1” McGuyver reading the sign..puts in all in perspective, eh?



Left, this pile of firewood was a little overkill…Not to be outdone , Dennis dragged a WHOLE TREE up to our campsite and became Paul Bunyan.  As you can see, we have been able to have campfires every night…so far.



These woods offer up some very pretty flora nestled in between the towering pines..if you are brave enough to walk into the underbrush…I did my fastest photo shoot ever to get these pictures…and got the crap scared out of me when 4 turtles jumped from their log into the water behind me…All I could think was…GATOR!!!!

OK…Today is a big day for Dennis and myself   ……..Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary…We are celebrating with a toast by the campfire, and by living our dreams..


Just look at that happy young couple…We only knew each other 6 months before this day, 42 years ago…Since then, Dennis has quit using the Brylcreem, and I gave up the bangs..Other than that not much has changed…..well…



……there have been a few additions …

What once was just “us”…. is now ALL OF US!!!


“Newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reasons that families work.” ~Author Unknown


  1. A great site to be at. Happy Anniversary and Happy "Living your Dream".

  2. Happy anniversary, youngsters (we have 51+ years, so your are youngsters)! What a great way to spend your anniversary. We'll have to sip some champagne in your honor this evening! We stayed at Lake Okatibbee a few years back, courtesy of the Corps of Engineers. Might even have been right near you. That year the lake was flooded, and the shore-side sites would have floated a boat!

  3. Happy Anniversary and may you share many more! Love your blog for you always make me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing your wonderful humor.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both!!..Oldyweds?..that's funny!!!..have a great day and Cheers to many more years and miles living your dream!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Also glad you are enjoying our Mississippi campgrounds. We have tried to keep them a secret, but word is slowly getting out. Wishing you lots of fun on your Winter journey.

  6. Yeppers, that's a great egret in your restaurant. Enjoy those campfires while you can. Many areas in Texas have burn bans due to the drought.

    Do you think you might eventually be sliding west on I-10? I can possibly offer you some free lodging on the refuge for a night or two. We could share a celebratory glass of wine. :)

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. Great pictures..and a big happy anniversary to you both..may you celebrate many many more while living your certainly make me chuckle when I read your blogs ~ thanks for putting a smile on my face..great looking family

  8. Happy Anniversary,Boy I really like your campsite, and just consider the alligators, the park security.No one will mess with the Hiker with one of those babies laying underneath it. Don't worry Dennis can check first before you go out now Donna. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  9. Happy Anniversary. Love those COE campgrounds and you sure can't beat the price. Enjoy your campfire.

  10. love the picture of the barren trees w/2 holding on, one orange, one red makes a startling contrst.
    P.S. be careful of the red one from the pic looks like it could be sumac.

  11. Gonna have to add that CG to our list of go visit's.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  12. Happy 42nd Wedding Anniversary and here's to many more!

    What a great spot for camping - except for the gators of course!

    Dennis is a true boy scout - always prepared....he's the first RV'er I've ever heard of who packs a chain saw!! Just wondering...does he happen to have a 'Freddy' mask in the basement?

  13. happy forty two - you've been true!

  14. Happy 42nd Wedding Anniversary!

    I laughed when I saw Dennis looking at the high water mark. Ellie and I did the same thing during our recent visit; I stood close to that tree trying to visualize what the area would have looked like with that much water flowing through.

    Donna, you probably know this already but in case you do not, there is a laundry room there at the campground, its located where the one main bathroom facility is located.


  15. A little late to the party here, but Happy Anniversary!
    I enjoyed the photos.
    Don't worry about the gators, they're probably just little guys.

  16. What a wonderful way to celebrate...Congratulations!!!...

  17. Howdy D&D,

    Joyce, the butterbean & ALL of the CRITTERS @ the RunningStar Ranch in Coleman county Texas..

    42 years has been a crazy party and if things go right Dennis may keep you 42 more. Y'all have such a life!

    When farm kids get married THEY STAY MARRIED!!!

    If you get this far west come by!!

  18. Happy Anniversary! I can only say for sure that it appears to be a bird?

  19. HappyAnniverysary. The park looks great and what a way to spend your anniversary. I love staying at the COE's

  20. Happy anniversary !!!

    Man 42 years and your still talking to each other see Bush Lite is good for everything.

  21. Better late then never I always say. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy livin' yer' dream.
    When we stopped in North Pole, AK, we went to a bank and got a roll of quarters for laundry. Only thing was the machines in the laundromat took only debit cards that were sold in a machine there. We left! And you think yer' gettin'old!
    Seen any Washateria signs at the laundry?

  22. Well, hey, Congratulations a tad bit late!!! And just why did you not live the whole year in your RV like we did????? HHmmmm?????