Cave Dwellings: Our Own Set of “Blues Brothers”….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Own Set of “Blues Brothers”….

  Not much going on here…I do feel my foot is making some progress.  My Doc told me to ice the heel, and go get some racket balls to roll around under my bad foot on the floor, especially the arch of my foot. Why  “racket” balls ?you ask  I did too. I saw no reason we couldn’t us one of our bright green tennis balls placed on each sharp edge of our bedroom slide on the Hiker.. NOPE! Has to be a RACKET ball.  Does the good Doc own some stock  in them…Me thinks the ball isn’t the ONLY racket going on here!!…So, I have been doing as tolde and I’m pretty sure that it IS helping to loosen up the fascia…OK, so I actually do follow the rules…ONCE IN A WHILE!

We have a band in our area called Sideshow, made up of local musicians.  When Sideshow appears, the Blues Brothers usually make an appearance…the clones of Jake and Elwood, but their real names are Pete Dell and Tom Wilson . They live in the area and have regular jobs, like insurance agent and accountant…but they’ll always be Jake and Elwood to me.




These pics were taken at our local July 4th celebration in downtown Sandwich…

These two suspicious looking characters are..well, you know the one on the left…On the right is our former Police Chief, Rick Olson…It never hurts to stay on the good side of a cop…(It’s also nice to have one in the family).  Rick was the Chief of Police when our son-in-law, Tim, was a Sandwich officer, before he went to Glenview.  We got to know Rick and his wife, Lynn, through Tim and have remained friends…

Sandwich use to have a big deal July 4th with bands, and dancing in the streets downtown…

You might recognize our son, Kelly, and his wife, Cindy, in these photos….

When I said Sandwich USE to have a huge July 4th celebration….I meant it…Since the economy has tanked our town revelry has diminished substantially…Not even sure about fireworks this year!!


..In case you are wondering what just happened..I segued from summer, July 4th, to Dec. 28th, 2005….The Salt Lick BBQ in Dripping Springs, Texas….I just had to get ONE camping picture in today to  make me remember we even HAVE a camper!!!

OK, it is 97 here today, and severe storms are predicted for tonight to allow it to drop down to a 70 degree high tomorrow..This will definitely give our Noah Weather Radio a work-out…I sure hope I don’t have to go to the basement on my butt….I wonder if I can balance my Rum and Coke in one hand and ease my fanny down the steps with the other…Hey, there are just some things you can’t be without in a bad storm!!!



  1. I think you need to give that racket ball a real good workout. You've been inside too long! :-)

  2. At least you have your priority streight in case of a storm and I think playing racket ball would be good for you to do..

  3. So why a racket ball? Glad to hear that the foot is on the mend. Hope you do't have to rush down those stairs!

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Sure is pretty hot there in Sandwich. Hope you don't get any of those scary tornadoes tonight. If you do, take an extra bottle down to the basement with you!!

  5. I have always been told to take your most prized possessions with you in an emergency....sounds right to me!!

    Sounds like the foot is getting better...good to hear! Keep following the Dr's. orders!!

    Beautiful header pic!

  6. Think about a big flask, then you would not have to worry about spilling anything if you have to leave in a hurry :)

  7. Plantar fasciitis? Owwie ow. It took mine about a year to heal, but I didn't do any PT with it. Now I don't even LOOK at a shoe without a serious anatomical footbed.

    Happy healing, and watch the skies.

    The Good Luck Duck

  8. life is just one big 'racket'! the new header shot!...just beautiful!!

  9. Wow the Blues brothers, one of my all time favorites,you guys really know how to live there in Sandwich,Do they still give the band free drinks? See Ya soon. Sam & Donna...