Cave Dwellings: What To Do On A Rainy Day On The Rio Grande
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, January 18, 2008

What To Do On A Rainy Day On The Rio Grande

Well, we arrived here on Wed. the 16th of Jan. and it was sunny and 65 degrees..The bottom fell out Thursday and Friday...but you can't rain on our parade..As you can see, we sat by our "fireplace", relaxed and stayed snug. I took a photo of what it looks like just outside the door of our little haven..pretty rainy and cool. We have been watching TV, played on the internet and viewed the DVD Talladega Nights. After watching CNBC and the stock market I had to revive Dennis..but he is OK now(ha ha) Den cooked chicken outside last night, but this morning I figured it wasn't fit to cook out so I put a beef brisket with beer, chili sauce, onion soup in our crockpot. We did take our walk, with our winter coats on, I might add. It is now 3PM and our RV smells a Texas roadhouse...I think I'll order the brisket.
We have signed up to do our laundry Monday AM. They have a Recreation Hall here with a laundry, which is really handy since the nearest town of any size is about 30 miles away. We plan on doing some grocery shopping in Rio Grande City on Tuesday. It is suppose to be sunny and 60 tomorrow..finally. This terrain is much different than Canyon Lake. We are in the low scrub dessert, where everything either stings, bites or sticks you. Luckily, it is early and the snakes are still asleep...or so they say. I am just goofy enough to love it here...totally removed from civilization. Of course there are campers around us, but no traffic noise..just Coyotes and birds. I will post more when the sun shines.

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