Cave Dwellings: Our Day in Gruene, Texas
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, January 11, 2008

Our Day in Gruene, Texas

Today we went about 20 miles into an historic German settled town called Gruene, (pronounced Green). It is home of the oldest dance hall in Texas, actually where George Strait and his band played for 6 years before he made it "big" in Nashville. Also where the movie "Michael", starring John Travolta was filmed for the famous dance pictured. The weather was a sunny beautiful 65 degrees. We wandered around and took some pictures to share. There is a couple neat Bed and Breakfasts here, a general store, some antique shops, etc. This little town is sitting right on the beautiful Guadalupe River and on the way home we took the scenic route..the River Road, which winds along the Guadalupe. There are all kinds of "tubing" and rafting spots. People who live here say that the River Road is packed in summer with boats, swimming, tubing, rafting and lots of beer joints.
We got "home" to our camper about 4:30PM, after a stop at the Sattler VFW for a quick drink. Dinner tonight is a cardboard pizza in our oven, which, by the way, I have only used once. It is basically used to store my Sweet Vermouth and Brandy in case it gets cold and I crave a Brandy Manhattan...note to self..remember to remove the liquor from the oven before preheating....more later

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