Cave Dwellings: A Bike Ride In The Desert
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Bike Ride In The Desert

Well, our weather yesterday was above and beyond all expectations...90 degrees and sunny. It sure felt good to sit in the sun on Jan 29th. Today is cooler...and is about 65 degrees. We hooked the RV back on to our truck and dumped all of our tanks. It is easier to just hook on, rather than drag the little blue honey wagon behind our truck and up to the dump station about 4 takes that many trips to dump all the tanks..For those of you who don't understand the term "dump the tanks"...I won't gross you out..just use your imagination.

We decided to take a bike ride around the state park this afternoon..We rode down to the lake and saw a Blue Heron and an Egret along the water's edge. I managed to get them to pose together in the same photo..

they refused to take our photo together in return, so we took a picture of each other. You will notice that some people,(whom shall remain nameless), get to ride mountain bikes...and some get old rusty Schwinns..

You will also notice who is biking up the hill on his mountain bike..leaving his poor old wife to walk the 'ol Schwinn up the hill..Falcon Lake Motor cross..

We took a photo of a "camper for one"...Yes, someone is actually camping in it. He is an older gentleman...from Illinois..which goes to illustrate just how desperate some people are to get out of there in the winter. The back end opens up into his little outdoor kitchen. He certainly doesn't sport a Queen bed in there either. This is one of the smallest campers we have seen. We signed up today for 2 more weeks, keeping our spot.

The weather is good, birds are beautiful and, as you can see, sunrises fabulous. At some point in time while we are here we may go to the "Valley",(McAllen, Donna, Mission...waaaay South.) From various spots you can park your vehicle and walk across the border into Mexico. This is always a crazy time..I must brush up on my Spanish before we do..Spanish words for "more Margaritas", "bathroom, pronto!" and "was that a worm I just swallowed?"....If we cross, rest assured you will get a report and photos worthy of Newsweek...well, maybe worthy of The Enquirer...more later. The CavePeople

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