Cave Dwellings: The HitchHiker Has Landed!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The HitchHiker Has Landed!

Well, here we are for the next two weeks in Canyon Lake Potter's Creek campsites, which is about 40 miles North of San Antonio..we are overlooking Canyon Lake which is fed directly from the beautiful turquoise Guadalupe River. We arrived today about noon. Last night we spent in Waco, Texas. It was 28 degrees last night and our water froze, so we used what we carry on board. The last time we were in Waco, our water froze and so did lesson: do not camp in Waco in December.
Our temp here is 47 degrees, but the sun is warm. We pulled in and looked for a spot to camp, realizing that our friend's from Minnesota, Wayne and Ronae, were camped here, but their truck was gone. We chose the vacant spot right next to them and I hung a sign on their camper door, "There Goes The Neighborhood". About 3Pm, they came in and we all had a group hug. They are staying until at least Jan 21st...why not when it's only $9.00 a night?? Later, while we were inside hooking up our internet, I noticed a big Sprinter 5th wheel pull by our camper. This looked like the camper of Frank and Joyce Garcia, whom we have met here a couple times before, and, sure enough, we got a knock on our door and there stood Joyce...more group hugs. This is the great part of camping..great friends you make.
It is suppose to be cold again tonight but 70 by the weekend, so that will be nice. My bird feeders are out, grill and picnic table set up, wood ready for the campfire and now is cocktail hour...5 bells!! More later...The Caves


  1. Hello, Granma and Papa!
    I really like the scenery in your pictures! Sounds like you two are having fun...Ouch..My Fingers!
    We have had a lot of snow here.
    There are Huge snow mounds in front of our house..Ouch..Damn Fingers. It actually got so bad that we found real Polar Bears roaming in our back yard!!! I will mail you a picture...Sooo Cool!
    We are trying to E-Mail you some pictures of the kids, but are having trouble remembering how to do it. We'll keep working on it!
    Ouch!..Ouch!... Well I better go before I get blood all over the computer!
    Love You Guys and talk to you soon!
    Love Terrie and the Fam!

  2. Hey! I hope you loved Mom's letter!
    Cause I'm gonna Write one TOO!!!

    Hi! how are ya? Are ya hav'n any
    FUN?!?!? What are ya do'in?
    I hope you are hav'n a good TIME.

    love ya!
    love Taylor Heiser!