Cave Dwellings: Finally...the weather we wanted arrives!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finally...the weather we wanted arrives!

Our weather has been progressively better the last few days. Yesterday and today were the best yet, 80 degrees and sunny. We drove into Rio Grande City yesterday after doing our laundry here at the "Rec Hall". Last Saturday at the Hall we stopped in for a cup of coffee and they had 9:30AM. Whoa there!! This means I need to add some Bailey's to my coffee first thing...I don't sing till I have been overserved. We sat and enjoyed the "music", and especially when someone sang "Mack The Knife"...not our usual coffee entertainment, for sure.
Rio Grande City is about 30 miles from here, and they have an HEB, (a grocery found only here in Texas and I love them), and a Super WalMart..very interesting things in the way of groceries down here..I was especially attracted to the frozen pig heads, until I saw the frozen lamb heads..The first person who came to mind was David Ikonen, who would have to have bought one of each...the second person was Ron Schultz, who also has a strange pallet.
We decided we need to purchase an electric skillet for outdoor breakfasts, and also a flat suspended bird feeder, neither of which we could find. Dennis rigged up a feeder for me out of a flower pot saucer and some rope..thank God he brought his drill. I love the birds down here. Last night we sat a plate of bird seed and cracked corn on our fire pit,(we are again on a burn ban here, so it is not used), and we went inside for about 5 minutes, only to come back out and the seed was gone...totally. I suspected Javelina, but they have poor table manners and would have also eaten the plate. Dennis suspected deer. In the photo you can see Den, alias "Tonto" looking for deer tracks, which he found. We sat down and refilled the plate, poised with our camera to "catch the thief". Just as the sun was going down, I heard some low brush moving and here come two deer out of the scrub around our campsite..they spotted us, and moved off before I got a photo. Note to self..If you put out seed on the grill, make sure you stow it in the camper if you run inside...even to the bathroom!
The red bird that looks like a Cardinal is not. They are called Pyrrhuloxia. (That would be page 610 of your National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds, Easter Region. Yes, we are becoming geeky bird watchers. Like the Cardinal, the males are brighter colored red than the females (but they don't look as good in their high heels as the women). We have also seen Roadrunners,(they are a riot, and yes, Wiley Coyote howls every nite here, but we never see him), and also Ferruginous Pygmy Owls,(yes,I know I am losing it), and the Ladderback Woodpecker(pictured). The Mockingbirds are thick. Well, enough of boring you about's a camping thing... no need to send out the men with the little white jackets...yet...our days are sooo full!! And LIFE IS SOOOO GOOD!!


  1. I read your remarks about the lamb's head. Well, guess what I bought this last weekend and cooked on Saturday.. Lamb's head. Tongue tastes like cow tongue. Brains taste like you'd expect. Cheeks are sweet, gelatinous, and tender. Just like... well, never mind. I'm gonna get a check for totalling the pickup. What to buy? Another MG would be nice. Miata? Maybe. Honda has a nice little convertible. Sue has an opinion on that issue. Surprised?????
    You caught Dennis from his good side on one of those pictures...

  2. So happy to hear that your weather has warmed up. I think Indy got up to 12 degrees today...ouch! Dreaming of warmer days and am so excited about the upcoming trip to Texas to hang out with the "campers"... Miss You and Love You