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Cave Dwellings

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Tryin’ to see the humor….

  Not much going on here in Sandwich, IL. We seem to get a shower about every other day, which keeps MacGyver on his John Deere about every 5-6 days.  It seems like this summer has already flown by, and Fall isn’t very far from right now. Most of our birdhouses are fledging their 3rd go round of young ones…Those Sparrows are about as bad as rabbits!

20140720_133006 This is one big fat baby Sparrow I caught  hanging out on the bricks outside our screen porch..

20140720_133153 20140720_133107

…Then I noticed his Mom..or Dad, bringing him some food…REALLY??? This baby Sparrow is bigger than his parent..the Baby Huey of birds!! Dude, just use those wings and go to our feeder..It’s like an” all you can eat”smorgasbord!

101_4302 101_4308

I’m being “toyed with” by the Wrens again this year. They have been building nests in my two Wren houses, only to lay their eggs in a big tree out back. I thought by now those Wrens would be done with their breeding, but I have yet another Wren who just started building his nest in my Wren house…I would have thought all of their “ gettin’ busy” would be done by now…I think this one is just playing with my mind…pretending to be interested in becoming a renter in my Wren house when he actually has NO intentions of setting up  housekeeping!

As for my magical medical mystery tour, I had my 7 staples removed last Tuesday…Maybe this doc took one look at my tough old tanned skin and thought sutures wouldn’t hold…but staples??? Yes, the bad  news was the staples…the good news is that I now have a ready made Halloween costume for this year…Bride of Frankenstein…And now, get ready for a good look at THIS incision…



I can’t decide what’s worse , me sans make up, or the droopy skin scar on my neck…Hopefully it will get better with time…Speaking of time, I am on the hunt for a good Parathyroid Surgeon. My quest has taken my to the internet and I am researching University of Chicago Medical Center and Indianapolis University Medical Center.  My youngest daughter, who works as an Ultra Sound Tech in one of the medical center’s hospitals, is going to ask her boss, a Vascular Surgeon to recommend one..(Her boss has been a surgeon for 30  years, so I think he should be “in the know”!)…Right now I really don’t want to imagine one more scalpel being applied to my tender neck, but in the future I will certainly be more diligent in looking for an “accomplished” one!!


Gotta keep that sense of humor!!!!


  1. Nice header picture of you guys. Sparrow feeding pic is cute. Nasty bit of a scar there. Isn't if funny how we always sort of take it for granted that any kind of a surgery will be handled correctly by competent people. We put our blind trust in these folks & things do not always go as expected. I saw this first hand a couple years ago when I had a simple 'spot' on my forehead removed. I nervously watched as an aging & confused Doctor fumbled with the sutures in stitching me back up. The attending Nurse had to talk him through the procedure. One just never knows........................

  2. My guess is that chipping sparrow was parasitized by a brown-headed cowbird. That's why the youngster is so much bigger than the parent. The female cowbird lays its eggs in smaller bird's nests. When it hatches, it kicks out the smaller babies. The parents don't know the difference. It's a wonderful adaptation for survival, but I've just never been that fond of cowbirds. They have really had an impact on some of our endangered warblers.

  3. You have chosen two great hospitals to consider. Of course, I am partial to IU med center since daughter # 3 is a physician there. of Chi-town wanted her too....She researched both and it was a difficult decision.

  4. Staples in your neck? Heck, just be thankful that meat-cutter didn't use a nail-gun!

  5. I can't believe he couldn't find the parathyroid AND that he stapled the incision. You are really due for someone batter.

  6. Lots of rain here in CO too but fortunately we don't need to worry about mowing ;-) Hope you get to the bottom of your health concerns soon so you can enjoy your winter in FL :-)

  7. It WILL heal!! Rick is too funny...staple gun!!!
    I always love to read Judy. She knows so much about our feathered friends. We haven't had that much action at our bird houses this summer. Our bluebirds had one family this year. The others...well, I suppose they did what they did!!!
    You just gotta love Maxine!!!