Cave Dwellings: CANNOT WAIT UNTIL SEPT 1…officially the beginning of Fall in my opinion!
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

CANNOT WAIT UNTIL SEPT 1…officially the beginning of Fall in my opinion!

Surprise! I managed to get my act together and create another meaningless blog within the 1 week time frame. This is no easy feat for one as busy as “moi”…Remember that great looking pan of spaghetti sauce I slaved over? …blanching, peeling and seeding a gazillion tomatoes, adding fresh chopped basil, parsley, a few bay leaves and other assorted items,(“Fillet of a fenny snake, in the caldron boil and bake; eye of newt, and toe of frog”…you get my drift.)

20140810_131526  Well, I put said “caldron” of home made spaghetti sauce in the refrigerator overnight to cool. The next morning I got it out and set it on our kitchen counter. My intension was to dip it into quart zip bags and freeze it… I then commenced to open the overhead cabinet to retrieve a plate…and proceeded to drop the plate and break it into a thousand  pieces INTO said caldron of sauce!!! CRAAAAAAAAP!!!!! Down that hungry garbage disposal went all my hard work!!! Soo, guess what I’m going to do tomorrow??? Yep, I’m gonna give it ONE more try..20 gazillion tomatoes will again meet their demise at my little paring knife. Thank GOD, I have a great harvest this year!! SHEESH!!

We have the Hiker mostly ready to hit the road, but we wont be doing it for another 15 weeks…MacGyver’s quote: “You can never spend too much time in the planning stages”…Not to mention that he will be back in the combine again this Fall…

I tell Dennis he pulled a “bait and switch” on me when we met..He never said he was a “farmer wanna be”, and would be booked half of  September, all of October and some of November!!!

But…..I married a MacGyver…and MacGyver is a wizard of many things…Yep, he certainly has many hats!

Yes, I DO love Fall!!!! It’s far and away my very favorite season!!

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…and I ADORE Halloween…There is something very wrong with me, I think, that I so enjoy all of the creepiness, scariness and bedlam it brings with it…

scan0092 scan0093

Now if this doesn’t either scare you or make you nauseous, you have a cast iron stomach and constitution of an Ox. (note…this was also pre-turkey neck surgery…I could have had the doc save that waddle and had a purse made from it..with enough left over for a little change wallet!)

In closing and also in my eager anticipation of Fall, I will yet again re-publish my contribution to poetic literature…


Farewell Summer, Oh, I’ve had fun,

But FALL is what I love!

Bright new colors catch the sun,

Crisp, clear evenings have begun

And ..Oh, those Harvest Moons above.

OK, Jack, bring on your frost.

We’ll have a campfire every night.

And fallen leaves the trees have lost

By chilling winds they’re gently tossed

As flocks of geese begin their flight.

Oh, Fall, I relish all you bring,

As yet another Summer ends.

And different birds begin to sing

Oh, I’ll be loving everything!

I welcome you, my Autumn friend!

D.Cave 08/30/2011

I thank you for reading this far…You must be bored to death today!!!


  1. Your blog is NOT boring! It's not everyday someone slaves over homemade marinara sauce then shatters a plate into it. That's some witches brew of shattered plate, eye of newt, toe of frog. Is that some kind of weird spell?

    Gosh, you are quite the poet. Very nice.

    I love Halloween too. It's one of the more creative holidays.

    Thanks for being entertaining today. I hope your sauce creation goes smoother tomorrow.

  2. I suggest you take the plate out of the cupboard first before putting the sauce on the counter. How frustrating!

  3. I'd have been cursing like a drunken sailor! All that work... but then... just think of the experience you gained before you started the second batch ;-) Autumn has always been my favorite season... there's something about the crisp autumn air that puts me in "batten down the hatches" and hunker down for winter mode. Sounds like you kinda like that too.

  4. I would love to drive one of those combines!

  5. Tough luck on the spaghetti sauce - it only takes a second for those kinds of mishaps.

    I'll have one more month of summer than you as fall for me doesn't start until October 1st!!

  6. How disheartening to have to pour your culinary delight into the garbage disposal. Good luck with the new batch. Fall is just okay in my book. Fall brings much sneezing and nose blowing. Then to top it off, Fall reminds me that winter is fast approaching. But, I must admit that fall is beautiful.