Cave Dwellings: A weekend of fun coming up!
Cave Dwellings

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

A weekend of fun coming up!

I’ll take a vacation any way I can get it…and this weekend we are going to Louisville, KY…Why? you might ask…I’m very glad you did. We are going to watch our son-in-law, John Wolff (A.K.A. “Wolfie”) participate in an Iron Man Triathlon.  On Sunday, John and a couple thousand others will begin their 140.6 mile journey by jumping into the Ohio River and swimming 2.4 miles…After which they will jump on bikes and ride a course of 112 miles…after which they will run a full Marathon, yep…26.2 miles. No, John is not crazy (well, maybe slightly), he just loves to challenge his endurance. I cannot swim 20 ft, ride a bike across town without being winded, or run ANYWHERE without stopping at Walgreens for my Depends.

before race Terandchrisminifun

Above left are Tim, Terrie, Chris and John before running a Mini-Marathon (13.1 miles) in Indy. Right photo….Well, when those Cave sisters get together no one is safe.

Den and I are riding down to Louisville with our son, Kelly and his wife, Cindy.  Chris and John are going down Friday morning, and we will meet them there about 3PM at The Galt House in downtown Louisville. Not sure if the The Galt House staffers have ever read my blog (who am I kidding?), but I’m very sure they have no idea what a mini- Cave-A-Palooza is like. They should count their blessings that there will only be a small portion of the Cave Clan present.  The actual Triathlon is Sunday, August 24th, and we will leave Monday morning, having left our “mark” on Louisville and The Galt House..  Our other daughter, Terrie,  and her hubby, Tim, cannot make it because their kids have sports this weekend….Sooooo, it will be up to US to cheer John Wolff on as he swims, bikes, and runs his way to the finish line…I am, of course, making big orange sign saying “GO WOLFIE!” to hold up in the crowd.  John’s goal is to finish in 12 hours or under. (My goal is to get a glass of Wine somewhere in that 12 hours..)…Oh boy, this is gonna be soooo much fun!!

Wolffrun Wolffrun2

Above 2 photos are when John ran in the Boston Marathon, 2012…No one will ever forget. Boston Strong! Thank God Chris and John weren’t at the finish line when all Hell broke loose.

I’m not sure where these 4 kids get their love of running.  I DO know it isn’t from MY side of the family…I never do anything to draw attention to  myself…


  1. I just sent an email to the Galt House warning them a Tornado named 'cave-a-palooza' is on the way - batten down the hatches and close the bar!!

    Good luck to John....I couldn't even get to the part of jumping in the Ohio River!

  2. I always thought you were a little off center, but with that ice bucket thing? Now I know it as a fact, ;)

  3. I am just glad I do not have to even think about running that far:)

  4. Donna good for you and the ice bucket challenge !!!!!!! The very best of luck to THE IRONMAN and his cheering section !!!!!!!! Have a great time !!!!!!!