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Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Other "Windy City"

Today is Saturday, Dec. 13th. We had thought about going into the town of Sattler f or the Christmas Parade, but it is soooo windy, I doubt their floats will hold up...and Santa's hat will blow off. So, we stayed at the RV and made a great bacon, sausage and cheese omelet with toast for breakfast after our walk.
We have been having a campfire here every night, even though this county had been under a "burning ban"...Apparently, inside the park they were still letting people have a campfire as long as it was in the fire ring. However, last night they came around telling everyone that campfires are temporarily banned inside the park because of the extremel dryness ...Damn!
Thursday night was such a beautiful evening, we did sit outside by the fire until about 8PM. The deer were out and running all over by the lake, so I took the opportunity to get a pretty good sunset photo. I was totally unaware that the deer in the photo happened to be a nice buck, but when I downloaded it to our laptop I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out! See for yourself...

This place is really pretty. The lake is fed from the Guadalupe River, which is sooo turquoise and so is Canyon Lake. Today it has white caps on it. Thursday nite when we sat outside I took a few more photos. That evening the wind was gone and the moon was full...sooooo peaceful and relaxing by the fire..

Tonight we are having grilled turkey bratwurst, scalloped potatoes, salad and some veggies. Before you think that I homemade the potato dish I wish to inform you that Betty Crocker made them..I will just cook them in a skillet. I don't use my oven a lot..I use the stove top or microwave, and Dennis usually grills the meat. I also have a crockpot onboard and I use that if it is rainy or too cool. It really makes the RV smell wonderful! I also have all of my Christmas CD's downloaded onto I-Tunes, so all I have to do is plug our computer speakers into our surround sound speakers and it is all around us in the camper. Den's next trick will be to find a way to wire from our surround sound to an outside speaker, so we can listen outside, too. I use to bring all our CD's and take a CD player outside, but I finally managed to download ALL of our CD's to I-tunes and we don't have to bring any with us, they are on our laptop.
Here is another picture of our campsite, before we had a burn ban in the park...

...and here is the view looking our our rear window of the RV..not too bad, eh??

Well, it's almost cocktail hour and my recliner is calling. Actually, the wind is gusting so hard that the camper is rocking a that's what I call windy!! More later...

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