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Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, December 28, 2008

More from Canyon Lake

Hello again from our little haven in the Texas Hill Country..We have been here 3 weeks tomorrow and will leave next Sunday for the Rio Grande. It is about 3 hours further South and usually warmer. January can be cool up here. Let me define "cool" in Texas terms..about 50-55 degrees during the day. I know...they don't know what really "cool" is until they've been sitting at a Chicago Bears home game at -15 with 25 mph winds!!
Christmas day was nice..we cooked steaks and visited with our neighbors, Wayne and Ronae. They had their 2 sons for a few days over Christmas and it was fun to meet them. We are still under a burn ban, so Wayne bent the rules a little and put a wood fire in his picture is worth a thousand words...also notice the sunset.

Here is a picture of their 2 sons, Eric on the left , Darrin on the right...They are really great guys and we enjoyed them! Hopefully they didn't leave thinking "those Illinois people are totally nuts...and did you see her outfit??"

Yet, another picture of the Road Warriors...imbibing in a little Xmas "cheer" by the totally illegal "campfire"..

Today is Dec. 28th, Sunday..The Bears game is on Fox and we won't get it here, so we are gonna try and listen to it on our computer on WBBM..Sunday is the day of rest so we don't do a 2 mile walk. There are a few more people here..I think some wait to come until after Xmas and arrive here about 3 days after. When we got up, the deer and ducks were begging for corn, so Den fed them.

...does anyone have ANY idea what kind of ducks these are? I am fascinated by their homeliness...and of course had to take a few pictures....

It was quite stormy to the South in San Antonio. We didn't get any rain, though, as usual. This is the 3rd driest winter in Texas history!! I took a photo of the lake this AM..the sky and lake were almost the same color blue..

Terrie called about 10AM and they were just leaving for the Seattle airport for their flight to Chicago...the busiest day of the year for airline travel, of course. their weather at O'Hare looks good, at least..
Tomorrow is suppose to be 70 degrees here, so we are going to take a ride up by Blanco and Fredericksburg, do a little sight seeing. This is some of the prettiest part of Texas, and the homes reflect it's popularity...San Antonio has not felt the decline in home prices that alot of the nation has.
Well, enough of boring you...I will post some of the stuff we see tomorrow on the blog..As for today, Den is dumping tanks again, and I put just started Italian beef in the crockpot..I know, life is rough for us...ha ha...Later!!

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