Cave Dwellings: Finally some warm weather
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, December 19, 2008

Finally some warm weather

Well, FINALLY we got some warmer weather...and a little sunshine!! It is Friday, Dec. 19th..the day started out foggy...I took a photo of the fog just over the lake, which was really pretty cool!

We had intended to go into Fredericksburg today, which is a town about 40 miles North of here, settled by German families, including the Nimitz family. Nimitz as in Admiral during World War II and he was the head of the South Pacific theater during the war. There is a museum there that we want to see, but today was just too foggy to start out driving these winding hilly roads, so we will put it off.
It certainly looked like Illinois got their butt kicked by snow and ice last night and this morning..I guess I should quit wining about our little cold spells. I was a little concerned because our daughter, Terrie, her husband, Tim, and their 3 kids were suppose to fly out of O'Hare about noon to Seattle to spend Christmas with Tim's mom, dad, and their families. It looked like a bunch of flights were cancelled out of O'Hare, but we talked to them about 11:00 AM and they were at their gate waiting to board, so I felt better. Dennis, the computer wizard, set us up to track their entire flight real time all the way to Seattle..
We tracked them into South Dakota and then decided we needed to get out of the camper for a while, so we drove about 10 miles down the road to a place called Lucky's for a cocktail...Here is a note to David Ikonen and Ron Schultz..they have "all you can eat" froglegs on Tuesday nights ( battered in a buttermilk batter) for $12.95..Dennis is considering will have the oysters, thank you, if we do go.
We stopped on our way back and picked up a "to go" menu at The Italian Garden to see what their pizza prices are...Here is a hoot.. A large (16") pizza with cheese, Italian sausage and Mushrooms is $12.50...Sounds like a plan for Sunday evening.
We have some deer that hang out around the campgrounds and we picked up a bag of deer corn when we got groceries the tune of $9.00 for a 50 lb bag..and they love it , so I guess it is a small price to pay for the pictures I get. I took this one out our back window of the camper.

I tried to get a photo of this 8 point buck, but it turned out a little blurry..I will try for a better one later.

Well, we watched as the Heisers landed in Seattle and I feel better...I am NOT a flyer and I like to know when my family is back on the ground~ I have a 3 lb pork roast marinating in dijon mustard, garlic powder, cumin and mustard seeds...Dennis is cooking tonight.....and he is also cooking breakfast tomorrow OUTSIDE.. consisting of eggs, sausage, fried potatoes with onions and toast...We DO eat well, eh? The sun is now setting and it is 75 degrees. Tomorrow is more of the same weather, but Sunday and Monday we are back in the deep freeze here...30 degrees again..I feel like I am in the movie "Groundhog Day"...However they are calling for the weather to be in the 70's for Xmas Eve and Xmas Day...perfect~~
Not many photos this time... I promise more later...

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