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Monday, June 24, 2013

Just trying to help…

  This last month has been very active for Dennis and me..As you may remember, we have an uncle and aunt, ages 89 and 97 respectively,  who we have been  helping in their daily living…We have been assisting in grocery shopping, physical therapy twice weekly, fixing faucets (MacGyver), helping clean a flooded basement, and “you name it”.. About 3 weeks ago Uncle Jr. fell and hurt his back. We took him to the hospital ER where they did an Xray and said nothing was broken. Well, he just kept getting worse, and his 97 year old wife was no longer to take full care of him. So last Monday, I called their Dr. and he said to take him to the ER for admission to the hospital.  He stayed there 3 days, where they did an MRI, and discovered a fracture in the T-7 vertebrae of his back..No wonder he was in pain.

He was moved to a rehabilitation and physical therapy facility where he will stay for anywhere from 20 to 90 days…His wife is still home…I know, I know…We cannot get her to go into an assisted living place…We are taking her to see Uncle Jr. a couple times a week, and some friends have been helping take her in between. They live about 25 miles from us, so we are trying to stay on top of what is going on.  I have fallen behind on some of my blog reading, so bear with me…As they say, make all the plans you want and then watch life get in the way..

When Den and I drove home Monday evening from seeing Uncle Jr., we got into some very interesting weather clouds….heading toward us…

2013-06-23 16.49.062013-06-23 16.50.132013-06-23 16.50.39

…the closer we got to home, the worse it looked…I took these with my cell phone from the windshield, so there are some reflections in these photos..

2013-06-23 16.51.192013-06-23 16.51.322013-06-23 16.51.53

I am constantly in awe of the power of Mother Nature, who occasionally spanks us to remind us that we have NO control over  her will…

2013-06-23 16.52.102013-06-23 16.54.49

These last two were taken on the road headed into Sandwich…and the one of the right I took leaning forward and looking straight up into the sky above us…AMAZING!..and this was just with my cell phone!!

You are NOT going to believe this but as I was typing this blog , the weather was getting pretty dicey again around here…I stepped out to look at the clouds, and as I did….the tornado sirens went off AGAIN!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Just about that time, our electricity went out….and that is when I busted my arse to get into the basement….Yep, took my cell phone and did the “Cave Ditch”…Fortunately, that is where the wine and beer are…Sarcastic smile…After a couple minutes, I realized I HAD to know what was going on…so I came upstairs…Man, it was windy, and our neighbor has a pretty large tree precariously hanging over the Hiker…YIKES!…Luckily it held its ground…I have just about had it around here with the weather..NO WONDER WE DRINK!  Oh, and I’ll bet you are wondering where MacGyver was during this last storm tonight…Well, from 4PM-6PM is his “guy time” at Conveyor Eddie’s for a cocktail ( and MY time to get on the computer!!).

Last night after we got home, we made it inside the house just as the rain and wind hit…This never deters Dennis from starting a campfire..albeit just outside the garage so we can “tailgate”…After all, we belong to that group that can be considered the King of the Tailgaters…CHICAGO BEARS FANS!!

2013-06-23 19.25.20









2013-06-23 20.10.39

Took this from the tailgate of our truck…That white truck is Com Ed…the electric guy…See that yellow pole he had up in the air to the transformer??? He knew the magic handshake because when he did something up there…our electricity came on….Did Dennis get to cook the wings on the grill????…..

2013-06-23 20.14.43

He most certainly did…No, he didn’t set our deck on fire…He was just dumping out the hot charcoal into the grill from our chimney lighter…

So, as as you can see, out life is certainly NOT dull lately..busy, yes…dull, never!!!

It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”
Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez


  1. Like the angry cloud photos for sure. Understand the dilemma with your Aunt & Uncle. We had a really, really, tough time with my Mother years ago along those same lines. Good thing you have a basement with that kind of weather going on around there. Seems to me weather patterns are changing as the Earth warms. Keep that Hiker ready to rumble at a moment's notice & maybe one day you will be able to say goodbye to Sandwich......

  2. I understand the dilemmas and restraints of dealing with the elderly. I just hope I go up in a cloud of smoke so that I don't have to put my kids in that situation.

  3. Dont know if you are sending storms down for you or we are sending them up to you. but we have
    had some nasty storms here also

  4. Are you sure you're not doing something wicked that's bringing the Angry Storm Gods to your door? Darn... those clouds look deadly! I'd be heading for the basement and another glass of wine!

  5. Nasty looking storm clouds alright. Glad you never got hit by a tornado. That' some BBQ Dennis had going there!

  6. I love love love cloud pictures - but those were scary looking. Glad you guys have a basement to escape to. So hard to take care of elderly relatives. My Aunt in AZ will be 100 in August however, she still is doing really good and does live in a senior complex. Thank goodness. Stay safe and hopefully some day that Hiker will head out of the drive way.