Cave Dwellings: Caught up in a whirlwind…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Caught up in a whirlwind…

  Basically, MacGyver and I have been pretty much “caught up in a whirlwind” of activities that started last Wednesday evening with the heavy storms and tornado sirens going off in Sandwich.



I took this looking North of our house, which is where the worst of the storms went.  That second photo sure looked to me like something had dropped out of that big white wall cloud!! Right after I took this, the sirens went off and I headed for the basement.  Dennis wasn’t home, so I ran like a maniac shutting windows, which is why my left paw is still pretty sore!!


It didn’t look any better looking out the back door, either.  About 9PM that same evening, our Indiana connection showed up to spend the next 4 nights at our house…another Cave-a-Palooza was in the making.  I am going to post photos that will describe better some of our activities..



We successfully succeeded in wearing out the 2 “Wolff Cubs” at Terrie’s (Aunt T’s) pool last Thursday.  Friday a gang of the family played 9 holes of golf…Aiden helped me make deviled eggs for Taylor’s (TayTay) 8th grade graduation party.  I like the way this kids rolls…P.J.’s on until noon…Thumbs up


Of course the 96 pictures I took in 4 days was waaaay too many to post, so I made up a collage of a few from Tay’s party…


Taylor, as some of you know, is in theater at her school.  She loves to “ham” it up…and she knows that her Grandma will oblige her with some fast action photos….



…Obviously, I need NO encouragement to take crazy pictures of my granddaughter!


Taylor has a great group of good friends who share her love of theater and all are in the musicals and plays at school.  I hope this love follows her into and through her high school days…

As you can see, it was a beautiful day…and great time!!

So much happened this weekend that I will have to split this into 2 blogs….So, bear with me….I have a few more things to talk about and photos to view…maybe in a day or two…


Detective Heiser better start “cleaning his guns”…Sarcastic smile


  1. Scary storm! Basement dwelling sounds good to me, too! Great photos of the family... what fun!

  2. I am tired just looking at all that activity:)

  3. Whew! Wore me out with all that activity. Great action shots!

  4. what a beautiful family. dont know how you managed to get the pic of the water and her hair...great shot.

  5. you are so fortunate to have your daughter and her family so close by! what a fun time!
    love the 'hair shots'..good job, Gramma!

  6. Love the pictures of Pancho Villa and pool time. Glad the tornados didn't spoil the summer fun.

  7. Sure happy to hear you didn't get blown away by those storms, no telling where you may have ended up!

    Taylor and her friends look to be having a terrific time as they're about to enter high school - good for them. It's great to see them still enjoying a great family get-together. As long as that continues, and I know it will, they will be well on their way to becoming fun-loving responsible young women.

  8. Great photo collage. I especially like the photo of the "water-whipping" hair! :-)

  9. I can sure relate to the 'whirlwind' we have not stopped since we got home in April...excellent pictures...