Cave Dwellings: We Meet John and Bridget….and Den Has a New “Best Friend”
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, September 2, 2012

We Meet John and Bridget….and Den Has a New “Best Friend”

  This last Saturday, John, Bridget and Fred the dog came to visit us…They were staying in Sublette, IL at Woodhaven Lakes, which is about 40 miles from Sandwich, where the Caves “dwell”…McGyver and I are verklempt that they traveled 40 miles just to visit us…The day was pretty rainy, as we were getting the tails of Hurricane Isaac, AND our daughter, Terrie was having a sale in our garage…So, the Hatch family got to meet some of the Caves…Ter brought our granddaughter, Taylor, with her..Terrie sent Taylor out to “hawk” our sale in the rain…

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Terrie and Taylor fell head over heels in love with Fred…and Fred fell head over heels in love with Dennis…Go figure…I was the one who got him some special dog bones…and he preferred Dennis.  Even John and Bridget could not believe Fred’s affection for McGyver…They said that Fred takes at least a full day to warm up to anyone….I gotta say that the same thing happened when Sam, Donna and Riggins came to visit…Riggins followed Dennis everywhere…

We had a great visit..and I think Bridget is one of my long lost daughters..We totally think alike, and that is probably not good news for BridgetWinking smile!!


After deciding that McGyver and I should drive up to Sublette on Sunday moring, they left our house about 2PM and drove back to their Mobile Suites (which IS sweeeeeet!).  We told them we would pick up a Casey’s breakfast pizza on the way….If you have a Casey's General Store anywhere near you, make sure you try one of their breakfast pizzas..They are KILLER goodPizzaThumbs up!!


I totally fell in love with their rig, but it is 37 feet long, and a little more than Den would ever want to pull…Of course, John told us that Mobile Suites has just come out with their same floor plan in a 32 foot model..I think Den would have loved to tape John’s mouth shut about then.. We had a great visit, drooling over their fabulous "stressless recliners", their great kitchen set up and …well, the whole darn thing had me giddy and slobbering on myself…I love our Hiker, but they are not making our model anymore…HMMMMM…I sure like the way Mobile Suites are built and they are built in Howe, Indiana, not far from us…coincidentally.Open-mouthed smile


  I sat down on their sofa next to Fred (who has his own spot with his own blanket).  Fred didn’t seem too pleased that I was there next to him and jumped down..(I sometimes have that effect on men).. Bridget got us all set up with our pizza at the table..and it was a big hit with the FD5 group…even Fred had a bite or 2…When we were done eating, Den went and sat down on the sofa…and …….


….Fred goes over and jumps up right next to him and snuggles up to him, again shocking his owners and making me feel “not worthy”…I gotta say it, McGyver seems to be something of a “dog whisperer”…and we haven’t had a dog for 15 years!! I’m just chopped liver.

  On the way home , we drove by our “farm” we own …I have to explain.  In 1994, we purchased 6 acres of farm land around PawPaw, IL…waaaay out in the country..We bought it with the idea that we might build on it someday…In the meantime (and to keep the taxes as agricultural!) we  have a farmer plant and farm a crop of beans or corn every year..That usually pays the taxes and puts a little extra $ in our pocket.. This year it is beans….


Our land ends at the row of trees in the back, and is bordered by a little creek.

It was a dream we never fulfilled and now we have no desire to build ANYTHING in Illinois… There are several homes, some with horses, built across the road and next to our lot…oh well…Guess we are frustrated farmers!!

It was soooo nice to meet with fellow RV’ers and bloggers, John and Bridget (and Fred, who is pretending he and I never crossed pathsAnnoyed!), and we hope to meet up with them sometime on the road….Hopefully we can get back on the road again after Christmas, if Isaac hasn’t wiped some of the coastal parks clean!

“Did you ever notice when you blow in a dog's face he gets mad at you? But when you take him in a car he sticks his head out the window!”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ~Steve Bluestone


  1. Now come visit me, and Emma will go wild over you! So much so, that she'd be willing to go home with you. :)

  2. How about selling your farm and buying a nice new 32' Mobile Suites 5'er? I know, they'd probably discover an oil well underneath as soon as you sold it!

    Looks like Dennis has a way with dogs alright. Cats do that with me and I hate cats - can't wait for them to get down.

    Glad you had a great visit with John, Bridget and Fred. Nice to hear you were 'verklempt' too, whatever that means.

  3. so now when we meet up someday tucker and lilly will probably gravitate to McG :)....sell the farm and buy a new rig :)

  4. Hope you are practicing your southern accent!

  5. Don't feel bad about the dogs and Dennis, I seem to remember some wet snakey Lab licks that you got from Rigg's while we were there, Rigg's is very much a mans dog you can see that here with Donna & I. Have you ever sniffed Den's butt, maybe the dog's know something you don't. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna..

  6. That little Fred guy looks like a nice little fellow. Always interesting to see how some animals gravitate towards certain people. Always like to see that. Especially evident with dogs.

  7. I think Dennis has a pocket full of hot dogs and thats way the dogs love him..

  8. Thanks for having us over. Really enjoyed our time with the Caves and their Dwelling.

  9. how great that you got to meet John and Bridget and Fred!!..what a fun time!..I guess Dennis is the dog whisperer!..maybe the two of you should get another dog?