Cave Dwellings: Mimi and Papa are very , very tired, but very, very happy!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mimi and Papa are very , very tired, but very, very happy!

What a wild weekend we had!! It started Thursday night about 7:30PM and ended this morning about 10:30AM….We had campfires, pizza parties, 20th SHS class reunions, Purdue vs. Notre Dame outdoor parties, a tour of the Sandwich Fair, a grandkids sleepover, breakfast casserole and…oh, heck, I know I forgot something, but my body is soooo tired….My brain is sleeping , even though my eyes are open.Thinking smile!!   Instead of loading all of the photos one at a time, I will put on a few collages that will hopefully capture some of the Cave-a-palooza we had here…..Just imagine each photo steeped in gooey fingerprints and ground in cookie crumbsRolling on the floor laughing.


Saturday morning Chris , John , their 2 boys, McGyver and I all walked out to the fair for a couple hours…Since I took these with my phone, I can’t make them into a collage, so bear with me….

2012-09-08 11.40.512012-09-08 11.14.222012-09-08 11.01.59

Papa was the official stroller pusher. ..Aiden tried his hand a milking a fake cow.  I declined. That fake cow was very creepy to me…made me want to give up milk.


2012-09-08 11.33.472012-09-08 10.39.522012-09-08 11.35.09

We had to indulge in an Elephant Ears.  $5.00 gets you a heart attack the size of a large pancake. …For those of you who now think that we are eating a piece of pachyderm, an Elephant Ears at the fair is deep fried dough with sugar and cinnamon on it…I swear some heart surgeons were running this booth!Surprised smile


2012-09-08 10.27.262012-09-08 11.18.052012-09-08 11.29.22

Of course we had to play some games..(what a rip)…We walked through the “petting zoo” too. ..After petting everything from a cow to a rabbit, I was glad they had some hand sanitizer stations perched at each exit….About 2 hours of fair is enough for me, but the boys had to ride a few rides…


2012-09-08 10.18.542012-09-08 11.10.55

.Before we left, I wanted to make sure that we rode the train…They charge $3.00  for anyone over 3, which is a great bargain for the ride…You go around the  loop twice, and that includes going around lots of the fairgrounds, a small tunnel and a crossing….The boys loved it!…so did Mimi (that’s me)…and we can hear that authentic whistle from our house!

2012-09-08 10.55.412012-09-08 10.57.08



Last night they had the tractor pull at the fair…This is a huge draw from the surrounding communities…Again, for those who aren’t very familiar with the county fair stuff and  who wonder WHAT the tractors pull….they pull a large sled that they add weights to as the tractors are moving…The tractor who pulls the most weight wins and they have qualifying eliminations in the afternoon and the finals at night….Some of the tractor engines are HUGE!!. and we can hear them very loud from our house..(They actually hand out ear plugs for those who are insane enough to watch from the infield and the grandstand)…McGyver and I went once…Once was enough for me, but Den loves it (he’s deaf anyway, so what’s the harm?)  Den went Saturday night with some of the other insane members of our family…I stayed back at the house with the grandkids and watched the traffic backed up outside our house….Sheesh!


I took the above photos from our front steps…As you can see, the weather was absolutely perfect for the fair… Saturday night I decided that I could build just as good a campfire as “Papa”, so I split some kindling with our camping ax and got one started….



This small little start turned into a rip roaring campfire….great for roasting marshmallows with the older grands…Maddox, age 16 months was in bed early, so Taylor, Peyton, Campbell, Aiden and I sat outside and enjoyed the evening…It’s amazing what interesting stuff you can learn when being silent and just listening to the kids (age 14,12,9 and 4)..Especially the oldest ,who is the only girl…very enlighteningFlirt male.

So, this morning I made a breakfast casserole and Chris, John and the kids left about 10:30AM…Den walked over to our brother-in-laws to watch the Bears game with him, and I set into vacuuming, doing laundry, sweeping crumbs and mopping up ground in frosting, pizza sausage and crackers….What a wild weekend!!! Papa and I are tired, but it is a good kind of tired from enjoying our family…the best kind of tired, eh?? Thanks for stopping by..I see I have a few new followers, and I promise I will acknowledge you soon, but tonight is an early cocktail hour..if we can stay awake….Sleeping half-moon


  1. quite the weekend you all had!..good job capturing all the 'crumbs and gooey fingers'!!!
    Cheers!..enjoy the peaceful happy hour!

  2. The breakfast casserole looks very tasty!

  3. I'm schocked you all had a rip roaning

    Sorry I missed it..

  4. I thought all the fairs were over with before Labor Day... Not so! Yours and a couple other blogs I read are all about your county fairs. Makes me remember the days my kids were in 4H.... And even though I really don't care for elephant ears, I love the excitement of the midway, the smells of the food and the excitement of the crowd. Thanks for sharing!

  5. You Cave-a-palooza folks are definitely the 'party kings and queens of blogland' - hands down, no contest. What a great weekend and terrific photos to prove it. That breakfast casserole sure looks good!

  6. Nothing like a county fair to dd some fun to a weekend. and the kid's and Grandpa's love em.Hey before I forget I know this is a long shot, but if by chance Uncle Junior has an e-mail address send it to my e-mail.I know the last time he wrote me a thank you note by regular mail. but I was hoping he had a computer so I could send him a couple of train and navy pictures I have, I would love to meet him someday just to hear once about his firing days steam. You guys get rested up. and be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. WOW! I'm worn out just reading that post. Sounds like everyone had a great time