Cave Dwellings: The 125th Sandwich Fair
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The 125th Sandwich Fair

  Today is the first day of the 125th DeKalb County Fair..A.K.A. The Sandwich Fair…It was extremely hot here today, but Den and I walked out and did a couple loops around the fairgrounds…Also, today is our son’s 42nd birthday!..Kelly and his wife, Cindy, were both at the fair, working at the EMS building, where anything can happen from bee stings to heart attacks..A lady came in for a band aid while we were there…Kel is a paramedic and Cindy is an RN. Cindy is also the EMS co-ordinator for Valley West Hospital and the EMS booth at the fair….

Cindy on the left…..and Kelly on the right….Sure is nice to have Emergency Medical Personnel in the family…especially when McGyver walks into the slide of the Hiker!

Old steam engines, strange character and lots of good food….Thank God for Simvistatin!!

Left is the famous Fay’s BBQ line, where they serve up pork chops and chicken…There is a carnival too, and right is the Women’s Hall ..

They have a horticultural building for flowers and veggies…and on the right is the inside of the Women’s Hall …Just look at all of those quilts hanging up, Paulette!….

The above train on the right was built by a local farmer, Augie Otto, and it made it’s debut at the Sandwich Fair in 1973. It took him 7 years to build…and it is built to 1/4 scale. It is a model of Class 5-4 Hudson Type 4-6-4, Burlington Series 3000 Engine. It weight 5 tons, is oil fired, carries 200 psi and has full Westinghouse air brakes. Also, the whistle and bell tones are authentic ( can I just say, I wish that’s the whistle they STILL used today!)….

  So, McGyver and I not only walked our 2 miles this morning, but at least another 2 around the Sandwich Fair…Our kids will all be home this weekend, so it’s another CAVE-A-PALOOZA in the making….Hope you can endure a few more family photos!! Speaking of neat photos, Den and I usually go for an adult beverage on Saturday evenings…Since our Moose Lodge was closed last weekend, we ended up at an old haunt of ours called The Old Tyme Inn…

2012-09-01 18.15.162012-09-01 18.15.05

Notice the back bar of this place and the mural that is painted on it…Locals tell a story that waaaay back in the 1920’s or so, a transient worker painted that mural in exchange for room and board at the apartment above the bar.  I really wish they didn’t stack all of that booze in front of the lower part of it…And would ya look at that back bar woodwork??!!  They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore….

OK, so I threw another blog together, (as if you hadn’t noticed it WAS thrown togetherEmbarrassed smile) There will be photos of our weekend at the “Cave”, and I will post them only after I do some editing, reviewing and censoring as I go…!!Surprised smile


  1. If anyone lives within driving distance it's worth the trip. It's been a yearly destination for our family a long time. Thursday is Senior Citizen day so admittance is cheaper. I don't remember how much but it's worth it. Going to have those Fay's pork chops. Hope to see the Cave people in our travels.

  2. you two are always up to something and having a great time doing it...looking forward to the family pics from this weekend :) enjoy

  3. I love those kind of fairs, great place for lunch and dinner.

  4. small town fairs!..what fun!..the barbeque looks yummy!!

  5. Great look country fair and that little train is a real beauty. I remember you writing about Dennis smacking his head on the slideout - that's so easy to do and so, so painful.

    Looking forward to your Caveapalooza on the weekend and seeing all the pics of the great food you'll have.

  6. Certainly agree about the train whistle sound! Too bad steam went away to be replaced by electrical noise! The first picture of the chicken grill was great. Our park needs to be thinking about something like that, as the fire department has chastised us for the one we've been using.

  7. I vote for the uncensored blog! Always enjoy seeing what families do...wonderful fair, love that stuff!

  8. Sounds like a Rip-Roaring good time this weekend.

  9. WOW! that fair looks like a lot of FUN. The bar looks like even more FUN!