Cave Dwellings: Ol’ Blue takes a ride….and…I LOVE FALL!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ol’ Blue takes a ride….and…I LOVE FALL!

  McGyver and I have been really busy the past few weeks…Lots of family stuff going on, some fun and games, some…not so much.  All I can say is that I really hate witnessing the toll the aging process takes on some people….So very hard to watch, and some of these things are very hard to overcome.

On a lighter note, well..maybe not for McGyver…the old blue Chevy Pick Up truck pitched a huge-ass fit and refused to start yesterday…Ya gotta understand that Ol’ Blue is Den’s main means of transportation…I get the GMC, and he clings to his old Chevy pick up like a fly to flypaper…The darn thing was in the garage and would NOT come McGyver pushed her out!  He borrowed a friend’s flatbed truck and pushed, pulled ,prodded and hooked on to Ol’ Blue with the tow strap..My wonderful black GMC had to help get Ol’ Blue on the flatbed…



I swear I saw a smirk in those GMC headlights!!!..Once on the flatbead, McGyver chained her down to the flatbed like she was a “crazed” truck.  There was no chance she would make a quick getaway.. Den hooked up the GMC to the flatbed and hauled her, kicking and screaming, to the truck Doc…..Hopefully the fix won’t cost too much, or her next trip may be to the junkyard!!!

Not much else exciting around here..I moved our front porch chairs to the East side of our screened porch to catch the warm morning sun with our coffee…I really do love Fall, but sometimes our North porch is a little brisk in the early AM…I also brought out a few more “Fall” items…Now don’t any of you cringe or chastise me for this…I am truly a witch at heart, and just like any good witch or warlock, I LOVE HALLOWEEN TOO!!!


The picture above is really primo cool!  As you walk by this young woman’s portrait, she changes from very pretty to  very NASTY and very HALLOWEENY..Vampire bat




I also got me some great purple Halloween lights to string on our back deck…I was busy all day decorating…



This weather is soooo wonderful…The Hummingbirds are feeding at our 2 feeders like crazy…They should hang around until end of September, then they zip off toward the South for the Winter…I guess you could say that those little  Hummers join the other aviary folks and become “Snow Birds”…I really hope Den and I can follow them and get out of here this December, but it is becoming more and more questionable. As I have said before, sometimes life gets in the way, but ya gotta work through it, and we will… I absolutely HAVE to close with one more of my favorite Halloween Décor items…



“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Author Unknown


  1. Of course I love all parts of your posts... but you all dressed up for work is the BEST! Kind of reminds me of a boss I used to have... Do you wear this when you hand out treats for "trick or treat" night? It's great!

  2. oh boy oh boy! Halloween! Maybe this means I can start decorating now if you are! yippee...gotta love that portrait!

  3. Good luck with Old Blue. Otherwise you might have to share your ride with Den...or you could just ride your broom I suppose!! Love that decoration.

  4. I clicked on your blog link and then walked away to warm up my cup of coffee. I came back to the computer and the Grim Reaper was staring at me, startled and scary. LOL, Ha Ha!

    I hope all goes well with taking care of your relatives, we have to help them when we can and then hope someone will be there for us when out time comes.

  5. Did I miss a month somewhere? Isn't Halloween at the end of October not September? Sure hope Den's truck gets repaired and ready to go for another 100,000 miles!

  6. Have a great Fall! You guys know how to celebrate, that's for sure.

  7. you sure love your holiday seasons...and I wish I had your energy ....hope the truck gets repaired....have a super fine fall..hope you can get away...

  8. why am I a not surprised Halloween is your favorite holiday> nope not too early to start
    decorating, was in store the other day and they had their Christmas stuff out!
    Donna W