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Saturday, August 4, 2012

One of our Fav’s….Thomson IL

  McGuyver and I are hoping to get our Hiker off the pad and onto the road August 14th for a couple weeks at ,  Thomson Causeway in Thomson, IL.  It ‘s a campground  on the Mississippi River…The last time we were there was September of 2006, and we had to come home early because of one of my infamous kidney stones..GRRRRRR…

We have had a busy summer, and are hoping to make it on a quick “get away” for a couple weeks…since we aren’t leaving for Florida until after Christmas this year.  That’s one thing about RVing, things change, plans fall through, and life sometimes gets in the way..but I guess it’s that way in all phases of our lives, eh?

We really like Thomson’s location.  It is also only an hour’s drive from Galena, IL  , which is an historic old town on the river..Soooo…oh my!….it is thundering as I type this…and we now have a severe thunderstorm wat

  OK, I was rudely interrupted writing this blog by Mother Nature, who saw fit to shut down our Satellites, both the TV and the computer…Here it is as it was bearing down on us…


It blew from all directions and we got 1 1/2” in 20 minutes….Our screened porch was flooded…



YEA!!!!….We will take what we can get…finally some much needed rain…Anyway, as I was saying when “the rains came”…. We really like that campground at Thomson..I have a few photos from 2006 I dug out…

Yep, McGyver with at beer in his  hand…imagine that…This spot was in the trees…

…We prefer it closer to the river and we had a chance to move so we did….

…which makes for more room and a shot at some really nice sunsets….

That’s the mighty Mississip' looming out there…I love watching the barges go by…and never miss a chance to get a sunset photo…

Here’s hoping we will get away for a couple weeks…. I will blog about it for sure….

This next one’s for all of you garage salers and bargain hunters out there….Our neighbor across the street had a sale this weekend…I spotted a little table top fountain I liked for $2, but was not sure it worked…and…I knew everything was half price today….I went over this AM and it was still there…I snagged it for $1, and she wasn’t sure if the pump worked, but I took a chance…Well, the pump DIDN’T work, ….that is, it DIDN’T work until my McGyver got hold of it and fixed it…..(Note the new header…McGyver, my cabana boy in Key West.)




                ….with the flash….                         ……without the flash…..


Thanks for checking in to see what insanity I have found to blog about….  This blog was a bit of a scattered mess, and jumped around (not unlike myself)…Thanks again for sticking with me…Holy snot, I sure love all you guys!


  1. Yahoo! On the road again...

    I sure hope the temps cool off some for your little vacation!

    Does your cabana boy hire out?? :) I could use a McGyver type for a few chores around the rig.

  2. Sure wish we could meet you guys in Thomson Il. But with all the expenses we have run into I doubt Donne will take off work for a long weekend. Anyway have fun, and have a cold one for me. be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. I like that, 'without a flash' one. Will be nice to break the home routine & get yourselves RVing for a couple weeks. Greatest way to get a different perspective on things for sure. We generally get the same weather you guys get but only a day later. And yes, the rain is sure welcome........

  4. love the header photo and the bar...

  5. Thompson looks quite awesome, have fun on your get away. Looks like we will be getting your weather here in southern Michigan tonight. Looking forward to seeing y'all again!!

    Stay Safe

  6. Score is right - what a deal for a $1 - Paulette would definitely have scooped that up.

    Nice to see you get all that rain in one fell swoop and get it over with. Sounds like that area sure needs it.

    Great header photo too......... it'll be nice to get away for a bit especially to camp on the banks of the Mississippi.

  7. Ahhh, time to kick back and chill! Go for it... Happy shopping!

  8. on the banks of the Mississippi! great will that be!..the two of you deserve a little getaway!!

  9. We LOVED Thomson Causeway! That's where I took that pic of the beaver on my "Laughed my Dam Ass Off" post. I've been wanting to go back ever since and would meet you out there but we're taking off for Voyageurs that week. Drats!

    1. I'll think about you two...having a glass of wine by the campfire!

  10. Go Pink Lemon walkers! Keep the happy memories going for all. My SIL was diagnosed in May, had surgery, and is undergoing chemo treatments now. We women are a 'fighting' lot when the chips are down!
    Enjoy Thomson and the campfires we hope you can have. Oh, Cabana Boy @ The Green Parrot is too cute. We were there several years ago. Best bar in Key West to meet the ever colorful locals.