Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, August 26, 2012


  I am a little concerned with the newest “bad boy” Hurricane… Isaac.  It seems he may march on shore smack dab in the panhandle of Florida…just where we have made several reservations for this coming Winter.. just great.…Ft. Pickins Campground, Florida, could be in it’s crosshairs…Also affected could be Rocky Bayou State Park in Florida, Shepard State Park in Mississippi, and  Grand Isle State Park in Louisiana…All are on the coast, all on our reservation list, and all could be seriously “wounded” by the marauding Isaac….Last time we went to Florida camping we were introduced to Hurricane Katrina, Isaac’s very evil twin…and we barely made it off the keys and to the Georgia coast when she came ashore…  

Our exit through South Florida in August, 2005… We drove all the way to Georgia that day in bad downpours and wind….

So you see that if I have a “bad feeling” about just what kind of havoc these dudes ( and dudettes) can cause, I have good reason…Isaac could very easily devastate the coastline, leaving death and destruction in his wake..Actually, I guess the destruction would be bad, but death and injury are much bigger deal, Donna..sooooo I should shut my yappin’ mouth and just pray for all in his path…(I think I just “typed” myself out of a pity party, so it seemsEmbarrassed smile…) Sometimes I really need to quit thinking about me, me , me…and worry more about others, others, others…duh.

  I shall now segue back to our camping tripat Thomson, IL last week… (Sorry, my mind jumps around a bit…Don’t let your neck snap from this sharp turn….)

When we were at Thomson last week, we did get to drive North to the town of Savannah and visit the local Moose Lodge..Dennis is a Moose (told ya he was an animalSurprised smile)..The “lodge” was located right downtown in a very old building…similar to our downtown here in Sandwich.

2012-08-18 16.43.022012-08-18 16.42.39

I could tell by the lighted “Moose” sign hanging up outside, that this place was quite old….Turns out the Savannah Moose was celebrating 100 years at this building the very next weekend…

2012-08-18 16.24.532012-08-18 16.23.55

The inside was circa “old”…I wish I could remember our bartender’s name, but I have the CRDT (CAN’T REMEMBER A DARN THING) disease…My humble apologies to her..She was a great gal, and very friendly.. We find that most Moose Lodge’s are like that all across the USA…and they are usually full of very colorful local characters.  I guess you could say that Dennis and I are considered just that in the Sandwich Moose Lodge..VERY much local “characters”…

The Cave people are now fully vested members of the “dump Hughesnet, join Verizon” fan club…and loving it.. I am a firm believer that good things come from bad, and the one good thing that did come from our “camping trip from Hades” last week is that we made the jump to wireless MIFI…. GREAT IDEA, MCGYVER!!!

I shall close this melee of a blog with a poem I wrote last year ..I love the Fall…and I couldn’t resist to put it into a poem and, yes, bore yet another captive audience…Yes, I know…. I have no shame!!



Farewell Summer, Oh, I’ve had fun,
But FALL is what I love!
Bright new colors catch the sun,
Crisp, clear evenings have begun
And ..Oh, those Harvest Moons above.

OK, Jack, bring on your frost.
We’ll have a campfire every night.
And fallen leaves the trees have lost
By chilling winds they’re gently tossed
As flocks of geese begin their flight.

Oh, Fall, I relish all you bring,
As yet another Summer ends.
And different birds begin to sing
Oh, I’ll be loving everything!
I welcome you, my Autumn friend!

D.Cave 08/30/2011


  1. Wow your a poet amoung the otherthings you do:)

  2. Hey, don't worry Donna, we are all human!! I would be concerned about my reservations/camping trip as well. You are right, however, we need to keep these folks in our prayers. They certainly don't need another hurricane to come along and wipe out all the progress that has been made since Katrina.
    Like that poem...I love fall!! Can't wait!!

  3. Love the picture of Fayes. We're looking forward to the Thursday after Labor Day when we make our annual trek to Sandwich, IL and the Sandwich Fair. Bring on the pork chops.

  4. Your post today is like a breath of fresh air - Hurricane Donna to be exact! Hey, it's better to be in Sandwich than anywhere near the Florida panhandle for the next week. Hopefully this storm won't develop into another Katrina.

    Glad the Verizon card is working good. Great poem.

  5. Love your poem! And I join you in prayers for those in possible harms way in the path of Hurricane Isaac

  6. great poem Donna..I love the autumn season too!

  7. wonderful poem, you have a gift with words! ..we love our Verizon mi-fi most of the time, but sometimes we have full bars and it's slow as molasses. Hope you have better luck. Maybe we need to get a new one as the technology might be better after two years. When we stayed at Fort Pickens last year, the trees were all dead from the previous hurricane and people were staying away in droves because of the oil spill. The beaches were beautiful, it just was barren with no vegetation. It was very depressing.

  8. We were in the bulls-eye for awhile here in the Pan Handle, but it looks like we are going to miss the really big stuff. NOLA will be getting that privilege again. We are just down the rod from Fort Pickens:)

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