Cave Dwellings: Come experience our CAVE…isn’t that called “spelunking”?
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Come experience our CAVE…isn’t that called “spelunking”?

  Well, it was another wild Cave experience this weekend (imagine that)…The Wolff clan from Indiana got here about 4PM Friday nite, and our house went from spotless (that may be a stretch) and having some semblance of order,  to sticky, sandy and looking like it was stirred with a stick…BUT, WHAT FUN WE HAD!!

This blog will consist of many collages, due to the frenzy of my 100 photos I snapped of the family…Hey, I believe in capturing as many memories as possible!! Terrie and her youngest showed up (the other 2 kids and Tim had other commitments, and didn’t come until Saturday, and Kelly had duty at OFD..)





Somehow we always end up outside, creating havoc in the backyard and testing our neighbor’s “neighborliness”….






Saturday morning I  made a nourishing, healthy breakfast…


…and we all got ready to head up to our niece and nephew’s house to swim…Basically, the Cave Clan invaded the Bernhardt pool….



Everyone brought a few snacks….My contribution was hot wings and dip….


…and NO, that I was not drinking my Rum and Coke out of that “sippy cup” you see there…that happened later  Nyah-Nyah.. I took this get together opportunity to get some great close ups showing you some of the faces that make up this family..Here are a few..


Our son, Kelly, who is by no means a small man (6’2” and 260) became the launch pad for our grandson, Peyton…He shot up like a rocket with Uncle Kelly’s help!


Terrie’s hubby, Tim (the detective), had to leave by 2:30 PM..He and some of his fellow cops had to be on duty as uniformed police officers at the debut of “The Dark Knight Rises” at the theater in Glenview..Soooo unfortunate we have to feel terrorized by going to a theater…

After the Cave invasion the North side of town, we moved the party back to W. Center Street to further test our neighbor’s sense of humor.  I had made pulled pork, potato salad, slaw…AND our good friend, Jim Fritsch (the farmer Den helps every Fall) had given us some of his fabulous sweet corn…



YIKES!! McGyver got a little sun at the pool, eh??

That corn was soaked about 2 hrs in a bucket of water before grilling…That’s the easiest way to fix corn, in my opinion….get’s me off the hook!

The only drawback to this method is if you let kids husk their own ears inside the house. You end up wading through husks all over the kitchen…and I do mean ALL OVER!! It looked like a tortilla factory!



Our son, Kelly, became the key entertainment in our back yard…He is a frustrated quarterback, and cannot wait until football season begins (GO BEARS!)….He had the kids (AND the adults) go out long for passes… and he was shouting orders to them before winging the football…I laughed my butt off..(Where the Heck does he get this crazy side???…HMMMMMMM…)


…Just when I thought it could NOT get any better….


….What can I say???  The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Saturday evening, the 5 grandkids and our neighbor girl spent the night..along with Chris and John…making 6 kids and 4 adults …The “Cave” was full-up…This morning, I awoke at 6AM (ya gotta love these trains) to kids all over my floor downstairs, and 2 upstairs.  The 2 youngest grandsons slept in the upstairs bedroom , with their mom and dad in the next one… They needed to be confined to crib and a blow up mattress, and not watching TV most of the night with an 8, 2- 12year olds, and a 13 year old..who were awake until 1AM!


..As you can tell, it was a really great weekend…Lots of insanity, fun, frolic, sticky floors, half eaten popsicles, corn husks, diapers, (for some of usSurprised smile), DVDs, Power Rangers, Nick at Night and, sunburns…and most of all …another FABULOUS CAVAPALOOZA!!!!! I’m quite sure most of you are getting tired of the family pics, but I have just one more collage… to make sure I push the envelope of your wonderful patience yet ONE MORE TIME!!!!


It’s 3:45 PM in the Cave… I am in MUCH need of a shower…and… I should NOT need a cocktail hour, but I do believe I will have one anywayWinking smile…Thanks for joining the fun!


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing...

  2. Better get the Noxema out for McGyver!!

  3. Hey, I liked those chocolate covered donuts:))

  4. I NEVER get tired of looking at family photos... mine or anyone else's! I'm so bad I can cry just looking at photos of grandkids strewn all over the house or jumping in a pool. So glad your kids can all come for a visit.... What great photos of all the fun. Kinda wish it were my own kids... they live in 4 different states... grandkids live in 2 other states... Bill's siblings live in 2 entirely different states... So... enjoy them all while you can!!!!

    1. I totally know how lucky we are to have all of our kids so close....But, hey,...when you are full timers, you can just head in the direction you want and get the kisses ready....Thanks for posting...

  5. glad you had a great weekend with all the kids!!!..nice to have those special weekends!!!

  6. Great pictures of your beautiful daughters and grandkids, Donna. The guys? Hey, there just guys, who cares?

    I see the Cave clan is still eating well for these get togethers - I loved your Saturday morning breakfast of champions.

    Great job on the collages - well done!

    1. Rick...I actually cooked Sunday AM..French Toast casserole, and fruit....It was a big hit!

  7. Looks like you had a great weekend, I'll have to check and see if the In-Bev stock ( Anhueser Busch) went up this weekend. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  8. I'm sure this was only the tame part of your weekend.

    Is it true that what goes on in the Cave Stays In The Cave?

  9. What a great time! And we were exhausted just having two kids on board for two weeks...Bet you slept well afterwards! Really enjoyed all the photos and great job on the collages. Loved the last one especially...

  10. looks like you all had a great visit...excellent photos and I never tire of looking at great family pictures!!! you have a beautiful family.....just looking at the pictures I could hear the shrieks in the pool, and the giggles at bedtime :)....thanks for sharing...

  11. Chocolate covered donuts...........sigh. In my other life, they were my fav. Love all the family photos!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Great family & good food! It always brings a smile to my face to see a family come together for a rip snortin good time. You have a beautiful family Donna and Dennis! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I've heard of topless grilling before but have never seen it until now!!!!!
    Tell Dennis we printed out that pic and now have it on our fridge door!!!
    We're going back to Rockport this year if you guys make it to that area let us know.