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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Susan G. Komen Walk..Yea Terrie!

  Our oldest daughter, Terrie will be walking this weekend in the 3-Day Walk for Cancer here in Chicago…She is part of a team called the Pink Lemon Ladies…

These girls have worked hard training for these 3 days, and each one had to raise $2300  in donations to participate….

pink lemons

“I have reached my donation goal of $2300!!! I am so very thankful to
all of my friends and family that donated!! It is because of YOU that I am able to go on this amazing journey with my MOST AWESOME TEAM...The Pink Lemon Ladies♥. It means so much to me that I get to walk to help fight and put an end to Breast Cancer and to honor my sister's dear friend Sandi who will forever be in her heart ♥.....Love ya Chris
.”                ~Terrie Heiser


Above collage are photos of Sandi and Chris when they came to visit us in Fulton, TX at Goose Island State Park in Feb. 2008…We soooooo miss you, Sandi…gone too soon.



L to R, Nancy, Terrie and Kelly, part of the walkers…YOU GO GIRLS!

The Pink Lemon Ladies had a huge loss earlier in the year, when one of their members died unexpectedly in her sleep…a huge shock to all…rest in peace, Toni.

The girls are going into the Chicago Thursday night and stay at a hotel close to the race start…(We ladies never get too old for slumber partiesFlirt female)..They start their walk Friday AM…A really neat thing is that the first day they will be walking through Glencoe and Winnetka (North Shore of Chicago).  Terrie’s hubby, (Tim the  police detective in Glenview), is originally from Glencoe, and is on duty Friday AM for  this event.  He will be at mile 17 to see our wonderful Pink Lemon Ladies walk by…

  Also, on Sunday, (Day 3), they will all end the walk at Soldier Field for the grand finale and celebration…Tim, their 3 kids plus Den and I are going in to watch the ending and bring Terrie back home…The Heiser kids are very proud of their Mom!!and so are we all!

Congratulations to everyone who is walking in this event…how wonderful…Our thoughts turn to our love ones who fought the good fight….and also those who fight still…

“Think of you every day, Sandi”…Chris

OK, so now I am a wet mess..I gotta have a quote to lift the spirits, make us smile…and I know Sandi wouldn’t want us sitting here all snot nosed and ugly…This one’s for all of us girls!!


Women are Angels.  And When Someone Breaks Our Wings, We Simply Continue To Fly On a Broomstick.  We’re Flexible Like That.”

                                                ~unknown, but with a sense of humor


  1. That is so neat. Go getem Pink Lemon Ladies♥.

  2. After I wipe my eyes, I'm gonna go get my broom!

  3. Congrats to Terrie and her 'pink lemon ladies' for taking on such a wonderful venture. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun but be extremely tired when they finally finish this run.

  4. It will be an emotional 3 days. I did the walk in 2004, when we started in Wisconsin and walked down to Lake Shore Drive. Love your quote at the end.

  5. no words..just a big {{cyber hug}} :*)