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Thursday, July 26, 2012

McGyver Goes Nuclear….

  Ever since McGyver was diagnosed with hypertension and a bad calcium heart score, he has had a Cardiologist..There is some heart disease in his family.  He had an uncle who died of a sudden heart attack at age 40, and that same uncle’s son ( Den’s cousin) died at age 65 a few years ago of the same thing.  We discovered Den’s hypertension when we both went to give blood in about 2004…His blood pressure was 200+ over 90….not good…His Doc told him that if he lost 20% of his body weight and started walking and watching his eating, he would not have to go on BP meds..

One year of watching and walking later, he had his weight down from 205lbs to 170, and that is where it stays..He also goes for a Nuclear Stress test every other year or so….

“How Is the Procedure Performed?

An IV will be started for the injections. A resting image is usually obtained prior to your stress test. In the case of a two-day study, one day is for rest, the other day is for stress. When you are prepped for the stress portion, your chest may need to be shaved and an abrasive material will be used to remove dead skin cells and gels in order to allow for optimal ECG tracings during your test

Multiple blood pressures and ECG tracings will be taken throughout the stress portion. At peak exercise, you will be injected with a small amount of the radioactive tracer again, through your IV.

A second set of images will be taken after the stress test to see if there is any change in the blood flow to your heart at stress, compared to rest.

After the Test

You will be able to leave immediately after the test and can return to your daily routine, as your doctor permits. When the results are evaluated, your doctor will be able to decide the next course of treatment. Your doctor may prescribe additional testing if he or she feels it is necessary.”

This test takes about 4 hours.  They wouldn’t let me go in with him due to the radioactive part…I’m not sure if he was glowing at one point, but he wasn’t when he finally came out Green with envy.  I took a few magazines, a good book, and my “to go” coffee and pot..(Den wasn’t allowed coffee 12 hrs. prior..) Four hours can be a really long time for someone as giddy as me!

2012-07-25 08.25.08

I suppose I could have jumped in the GMC and gone shopping, but there is something about leaving your significant other (age 70) running uphill on a treadmill and being injected with radioactive stuff that tends to make one WANT to hang around…in case they want you..know what I mean??

2012-07-25 08.23.032012-07-25 08.23.23

I took these pics with my phone..Rush Copley Hospital campus has lots of medical buildings and you can see a few in the distance…Our son, Kelly, use to work in the ER here. That blob of pea green in the middle of these photos is a pond that is now becoming a huge petri dish full of some kind of Science experiment…YUCK!…Apparently that green crud and the weeds is all that will grow in this drought.

So, we got the call today that the Stress Test went very well.  McGyver is doing just fine, and his cholesterol is 150 something…(much better than mine).  I do love it when you can check another scary medical test off the list of “things to do”!!

This weekend our youngest daughter, Chris, and her family are coming ..Even though the Hero Dash they were going to participate in was moved to October, they decided to come up, taking part in another grand and always memorable Cavapalooza .  For anyone who doesn’t know, that’s just a fancy word for Cave family get together.  It usually involves snot nosed laughterLaughing out loud, crazy stuntsSurprised smile, lots of foodPizza…and some adult beverages…Mug Martini glass…Rest assured I will post some photos (after properly screening them for content)….

I do believe we have a new follower here at the Cave Dwellings…Welcome to this insanity, Janice.  Janice spends some of her time as a devoted quilter.  I am envious of those who use a needle for things other than medical stitches..I am here to say that the talent of sewing and needlework is not inherited..My Mother was a gifted seamstress, and I cannot thread a needle, let alone sew a straight line…Heck, Dennis can KNIT (his Mom taught him)…She tried to teach moi, but I kept getting stuck and had to have Den rip my knitting stitches out and put them back on my needles…very degrading, let me just say.

OK, you know by now that I am really bad at keeping up the ‘ol blog, but if you are brave enough to stick around, I will try to do better!!

Satan Maxine


  1. When Bill had his stress test, they gave him a card saying that he was radioactive but that this was legit... this was in case he wanted to go through airport security anytime in the next 72 hours. We weren't planning on flying anywhere... unless all that crap in Bill's veins sent him sky high ;-) Glad Dennis passed his test okay! Way to Go!!!!

  2. Those stress tests are interesting to say the least. Haven't had one in quite a few years, and doubt I'd do too well with my present hip problems. Glad he passed with flying colors! Enjoy your Cavapalooza. :)

  3. Congrats to Dennis for passing the stress test. I guess this means you won't have to turn any lights on at night for a few days with Dennis in the room.

  4. Pretty tough way for a fella to get lit up alright.

  5. I had those nuclear tests, did Denny glow in the dark that first night,Glad to hear you guys are having a Family Outing this weekend, wish I could receive the Sandwich PD on my scanner.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. Great news about the stress test and awesome accomplishment to have lost that much weight...just goes to show how much weight can affect our numbers as we get older.