Cave Dwellings: With Apologies to Blogland…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, July 14, 2012

With Apologies to Blogland…

  I feel I must apologize for the nasty, disgusting, garbled comments left by “Anonymous” on my last blog…Lately, I have not been so good about checking my comments page regularly.  I have been trying to do a little less time in front of the computer screen and more time being outside, tackling projects, or McGyver and I have been booked to do “something else”. 

When I noticed my comment count went from 6 up to 11 overnight, I was elated and quickly checked in to see who the crowd was and what the comments were…Suffice to say, I was embarrassed and appalled.  Those 5 new comments were not only foul-mouthed, but they made absolutely NO sense…As it is, they appeared there waaaaay too long, and the first time I checked in, I saw only the last 2…then later found the other 3…Sheesh!! Again, I say….soooo sorry I neglected to check in sooner…lesson learned.

  Thanks to Al for the helping me change my settings.  I remembered that he had problems with “anonymous” nasty comments with foul language, he gave me the steps to regulate who can comment…..   and hopefully this won’t happen again!!……




This Hibiscus is only flowering because I have been dumping major water on it in this hot drought…I must say, it IS very prolific this year and each flower is the size of a dinner plate…





The poor thirsty “dirty” birds are still drinking and bathing in the same water at our fountain, but I no longer chase them out..I just keep refilling it several times daily..


Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were in it together today…saving water and “showering with a steady”, so to speak…We actually had a little rain this morning, but not enough to even measure in our rain gauge..In fact, our rain gauge has cobwebs on it. 

  Dennis and I are changing up our plans for a Winter trip..First of all, we aren’t leaving until after Christmas this year in order to spend more time with the family…Also changing is our destination.  We have decided to go to Florida this year.  When our kids were little, we use to drive to Florida every summer in July, when Caterpillar Tractor shut down for 2 weeks.  Kelly was about 18 months old the first time we went to Disneyworld..That was the 2nd year they were open and all they had was the Magic Kingdom…and we were immediately hooked!  So, every year and 2 more kids later,  we drove to Daytona Beach and then Walt Disneyworld as our family summer trip.  We did that many years until we decided to put an above the ground swimming pool in our backyard..

  McGyver and I are finding that it is almost a MUST to have reservations if you hope to stay at any Army Corps parks OR state parks during the Winter months…and you can only reserve within 6 months of your date for the corps parks..I managed to grab a site at Ortona South campground Jan. 5th for 2 weeks..This is on the intercostal waterway near LaBelle, FL…We stayed there once before in August, 2005, after Chris’s wedding and really loved it…In August, we were the only ones camping there, and needed no reservations, but in the Winter it’s a whole different story…

  We have been busy helping our Aunt and Uncle weekly, taking them grocery shopping and running errands, since he no longer drives.  They still live in their own home, and it is hard to find any Sr. transportation in the town they live in…There is a grocery that delivers, and also some neighbors close by to help, but as long as we are around we will help as much as possible…

We are getting ready for another Caveapalooza here at the Cave Dwellings… Our 3 kids and their spouses and the grandkids will all be here 2 weeks from today to participate in the Illinois Hero Rush, held at our Sandwich Fairgrounds on July 28th…Last year all the kids were in the Warrior Dash held in Channahon, IL… Click on my link for Hero Rush and check it out..Here are some photos from last year’s Warrior Dash…


……………before……….                                    ……………..after…………..

…..and in between….

…The difference in last year’s and this years is that you are challenged by doing things that firefighters do, and sometimes wearing fire gear  All the money gathered from entries will go to the National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation…There will be food, drink and fun for the little kids too…a really big deal for our local fairgrounds!!

All 3 couples are going together as “Team Cave” , with our son Kelly as team leader (he is a Lieutenant in the Oswego Fire Dept.)…This one could be VERY interesting!! Of course, since this is happening just one block from our house, our backyard will be used as the staging area/ base camp…PLUS,  local “watering hole” and “eating establishment/hose down AFTER the fiasco….I cannot wait for this one…!!!

  Thanks for sticking by me after the disgusting comments temporarily posted…I hope I have that problem licked!!!

"Firefighting is all about @$$, busting ours to save yours…"



  1. Hey Donna, no need to apologize for those foul mouthed anonymous comments. Most of us bloggers have had them - I know I have and it's been other bloggers who have kindly notified me so I could remove them.

    We've also made the decision to stay home for Christmas this year. We'll head down south right after but being with our family for the holidays is much more important to us.

    Looking forward to seeing more pics of the Cave Mud Fights!

  2. Winter in FL sounds like a blast can't wait to get in the truck.

    I call for a window seat!!!

    1. OK, but bring your own cooler this time...Dennis had no room for his Bush Lite:-))

  3. Hi-ho Hi-ho, it is from the desert to the tropics you shall go. Yes, it's too bad about the miserable Spammers & bent personality types out there that we all have to put up with.

  4. WOW! People who can actually plan ahead as far as Christmas!!! We spent at least one winter in Florida... but my favorite time was when daughter and her family flew down... we met them at Disney (where we could park our rig near their hotel!)... but to be honest, about the best I can say for Florida is that the humidity makes even my stick-straight hair curl. But I know you'll have a ball!!!

  5. your family cleans up well..or rather muds up well!..good for you for planning ahead!!..soon summer will be behind us and onwards to fall and then the 'dreaded Christmas season'!..:)

  6. Sorry about the foul mouthed spammer! Some people just don't have enough to do!!
    Oh wow!! Another Caveapalooza....I can hardly wait!! You have the most awesome family!!

  7. Wow! Those are some really nasty kids! Looks like they had FUN.