Cave Dwellings: We Made It To Jefferson, and Carlton Lost His Voice
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Made It To Jefferson, and Carlton Lost His Voice

  We drove the 280 miles yesterday from Georgetown to Jefferson, TX.  We jumped off I-35 at Waco, and went cross country from there.  About 1/2 hour into the drive, we noticed that Carlton wasn’t speaking.  Either he was angry with us, or he is allergic to Mountain Cedar..I poked at him, checked the preferences, and discovered the SOMEONE had turned his sound all the way down…probably in an attempt to temporarily muzzle him. He is getting very bossy.  Honestly, it was NOT me!! (I have been tempted to give him a sex change, turning him into Bonnie on the GPS…)  So, I turned up his volume, albeit reluctantly, and hung him back up on our windshield…We must have totally blown his mind, because shortly after we got here, his suction holder fell off the windshield, lying in a heap on our dash..Serves him right.

The weather was 80 and sunny, and we got started putting out our “stuff”…McGyver getting both dishes set up, me working on the inside.  I have a few “homey” touches that I like to put outside..candles, a tablecloth, wind catchers, birdfeeders, and I laid them all out on the picnic table to work on later.  McGyver was getting our Direct TV dish set up when I went out to decorate…and could NOT find my tablecloth..I looked everywhere!! I came inside and checked again, glancing outside to see if Den had moved it…and here is what I saw..




That black, purple and green thing you see under McGyver’s knee, is non other than…the missing tablecloth….which has now become a kneeling pad for Den’s bad knee. There are times to open your mouth, and times NOT to say a thing… and I know when to keep my big yap shut….and after all the stuff Den does to get us techno-ready, this was one of those timesDon't tell anyone smile.



Here is our site all set up, tablecloth and all..and just LOOK at that day, wouldja!!



It’s Spring Break here in East Texas…Families, boats, tent rooms, skate boards, and scooters…and we are darn glad we reserved this site back in January…Those kids were having a ball in the lake…but, I’ll bet that water was COLD!  Ours and one other site were the only ones vacant here on the lake….I took the photos below this morning, when the entire campgrounds smelled of bacon, sausage, pancakes and eggs.…..and lots of it being cooked outside!!



We discovered that besides myself and McGyver, there are lots of other “loons” here too!



…and I do mean LOTS!!101_2092


We had our coffee outside this morning, after our walk.  McGyver has a new cardio trainer “ap” on his Samsung Captivate..Soooo, now I can tell you for a fact that we walked 2.15 miles, burned 255 calories each (though I think I burned more, my legs are shorter).  We walked 3.6 mph..taking us 35 min. and 58 seconds..How’s that for techno “over the top”???  If you thought we were boring before, just wait!!!!

We were accompanied at coffee by Mr. Mockingbird….He must have done his aria for at least 1/2 hour in the tree at our site..and even took the time our to pose for a photo..What a diva!


Sunset last night was gorgeous…because of the time change we had to stay up later, until 8PM, to get the full affect.  But a campfire and a cocktail made it worth while.



.See what you think…



Nope, I did NOT enhance with these Picasa…

…and “Life is Good” here at Lake of the Pines, Texas!!


  1. pretty awesome there at the end, I'd say!

  2. Looks like a great spot, I like the lake and kids will swim in any temperature of water, remember the blue lips when you were a kid.We had 80 degree temps yesterday and today, just great weather. I can have it like this from now on.I could sit by that Lake and drink beer too. What a life, Tell Denny one of these days I will be drinking with him someplace. Maybe this summer we'll take a weekend and meet at that campground on The interstate we stayed in on the way back from Wisconsin. I think it was about an hour south of you.Have a great week with the rest of the loons. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Great Sunset.... nice pics! Do you swear at Carlton? I can't believe how I react to a d...ed automated voice... It's downright bizarre.... We've never named our various GPS's.... but I sure can think of a few choice names right off the top of my head....

  4. Is that a COE campground? Seems like I had plans to stay there last fall before the brake and fridge problems started...

  5. Now other than yourself (just joking of course) I didn't not know that there were loons in Texas. Didn't think they were that far south. Learn something new everyday.

  6. your life is indeed good!..glad that 'carlton' managed to survive the trip,sort of!..and as for the tablecloth?..dual purpose I guess!
    gorgeous sunset!..enjoy!!

  7. butterbean carpenterMarch 13, 2012 at 6:59 PM

    Howdy D&D,
    Why does Dennis look so 'whupped'??
    That campground looks like Sun City, with all next to each other.. You do look 'chawmin''in your 'outfit'..
    I for 2 didn't know loons came this far South.. I thought they wintered up around Lake Erie.. Y'all are doin' East Texas at the 'right' time BHS(before humidity season).. You missed a great time in Georgetown by not calling the Piersons.. They would have shown y'all the area..
    THANK YOU, Donna for explaining to your 'students' that the Chisholm Trail didn't start in Mexico, but NORTH of the RED RIVER; I've been trying for 70 years to do that!!
    Enjoy the rest of Texas, before you head on back to the land of Sandwich and Burlington Flyers..

  8. Looks like a primo campsite you have there. Even with lots of campers it didn't look that crowded...nice wide spaces. Love the unenhanced sunset picture!!

  9. what a gorgeous spot....great sunset and pictures thanks for sharing....I remember the blue lips..and goosebumps..from swimming in a freezing cold lake...glad you got your tablecloth back :)

  10. GPS...can't live with them, can't live without them. Yah, sometimes, not worth it to make a comment to your spouse about something. I'm seeing a lot of families in the campgrounds this week, its fun to watch the kids enjoying the outdoors.

  11. Sure enough. I had a cocktail, and those pictures got even better!

    Does Carlton Your Doorman get all judgey when you miss a turn? ...sigh... recalculating...

    The Good Luck Duck

  12. That was a long drive!Glad you made it safe and, well safe!!!!

    We love lake o the pines too. Looks like you guys got a great site.

  13. Looks like a perfect spot and great looking weather to boot!

    Fantastic sunset photos!

  14. Would have been nice to hear the call of the Loons out in the lake & I figure that was a good use for that table cloth too.