Cave Dwellings: Historic Georgetown, TX..and feeder to The Chisolm Trail.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, March 5, 2012

Historic Georgetown, TX..and feeder to The Chisolm Trail.

OK….I’m giving those of you who HATE history the “heads up”…The first part of this blog is just that..You can either speed read through it,  or quickly scroll to the end…Sorry, but it’s who I am..a History FreakSchool!

In the early years, Georgetown depended on agriculture for their economy.  After the Civil War, reconstruction brought prosperity to Georgetown through cattle, cotton, the railroad and the university (Southwestern University).  Because it was along the feeder route that most cattle drives used, the cattle industry was big business. There were hundreds of feeder trails heading North and one of the main cattle trails ran right through what is now the Courthouse lawn. The pioneer cattlemen drove their cattle North through Texas and would strike the Chisholm Trail at Red River Station, right at the mouth of Salt Creek in Montague Co. into the Indian Territory.”



“The railroad arrived in 1878, being financed by many of the town’s leading citizens.  This had a profound impact on Georgetown’s growth. Related industries, such as an oil mill and cotton gin followed.  This new prosperity motivated residents to forsake their log or frame dwellings for more substantial stylish shops and homes.  It was this surge of building and planning, with Victorian storefronts which characterized the pride and elegance of the early settlers and is still evident today in the downtown.  Georgetown was designated a Texas Main Street City in 1982, and a plan to completely restore the business district evolved..Today, the Georgetown downtown historic area is one of the finest collections of stylish Victorian commercial architecture in the State of Texas”.




I love this old fire escape with it’s ornate metal work, made by the Roger’s Fence Company….There are some neat metal sculptures…




OK….a metal sculpted Scorpion is going a bit far, but it a nice piece of metal workmanship…eh?? I guess you had to be there….




After our great stroll around Courthouse Square, we drove to the local VFW Hall for an adult beverage…We had been here before 3 years ago.  I must explain that McGyver and I seek out either Moose Lodges (of which we are members),  American Legions or VFW’s to enjoy a cocktail with the local people..Not all of the VFW’s or Legions allow non-members, so I always send McGyver in first to ask the “powers that be” if they let the public in..Me?..I sit in the truck, just in case they throw him out…I’m the “get away driver”…Very rarely do we find that we cannot go in.

Why do we search out these places?, you ask…Well, I guess we could go into any “joint”..and have a cocktail..But we find the VFW’s and Legions are very friendly places, having lots great characters, with many great stories to tell.



Where else can you enjoy a beverage of your choice and be surrounded by so many “heroes”??…and we were again fortunate to meet a great gentleman…He and Dennis struck up a conversation…


This gentleman is a 93 year old WWII Vet who served in the Army Air Corps..(before the US had what we now call The US Air Force, where Den spent 4 years.)..Now, I have no idea what was said, but they talked a while…and Dennis isn’t sure he got this Vet’s name…He probably told Dennis his name, but “hearing well”, especially in a place with back ground noise, is NOT one of  my dear McGyver’s strong points…Sometimes I am better off sitting between Den and whomever he is conversing with , so I can relay to Dennis what is being saidSecret telling smile…But..then again, this lovely old gentleman “hero” was also somewhat hearing impaired…and so it goes, eh?

After our great time at the VFW, (where everyone was more than friendly to 2 Winter Texans from Illinois), McGyver and I decided to swing by the KFC and pick up an 8  piece bucket for dinner.  Pay attention ..this blew my brain….I walked up to the counter, scanning the prices.  I noticed one bucket of chicken without any sides was $12.99..(a little high, but we were wanting to challenge our simvastatin)…So, I told the nice young man that’s what I wanted, but I wanted all dark meat..I KNOW, I KNOW…WHITE MEAT IS BETTER FOR YOU..BUT WE DON’T LIKE IT, SO THERE!..Anyway, he rang me up before getting the chicken, telling me the total would be $14.00 and change.  Man, I could NOT help myself, looking at him and saying, “REALLY? THAT MUCH.?”..Of course I had to add “Well I guess that is with tax, but it sure seems like a lot for 8 pieces of chicken”.  (Yep, I do have trouble holding my tongue)….So…. this kid says ,“Wait, just a minute..let me see what I can do..”…and he then did a magic trick with the numbers on the register that had me in disbelief… “OK, I found a better deal..all dark meat, right?.(I’m nodding and smiling now)… “That will be $6.45”…HOLY SCHLAMOLY…WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE??? He proceeded to serve me up an 8 piece all dark meat bucket of chicken (extra crispy) “to go”…and believe me…I WENT!!!  I almost RAN out of there shaking my head …How that tab went from $14 to $6 in a matter of seconds will top my list of “steal a deal”…AND I WON!!!!

Today is sunny and warm…rain coming in with cooler weather tomorrow, and staying a few days to darken our moods…McGyver and I are thinking of doing a drive through Sun City here in Georgetown.  It’s just up the road from our park…Mind you, Den and I aren’t old people..we just want to see how the old people liveNyah-Nyah!!

“Come gather ‘round me boys, and I’ll tell you a tale,

All about my troubles on the old Chisholm Trail.”

                                                                              ~lyrics from “The Old Chisholm Trail”


  1. I think you got the "coupon" price without having to show a coupon to them. You'll have to start questioning everything you buy now.

  2. The history lesson and photos are great... BUT... I really want to know how you got such a good price on the chicken? Were you wearing some outrageous outfit?

  3. I love that old fire escape!

    Age is a state of mind, old gal! :)

    Cluck Cluck Cluck!

  4. Hey Donna... that was your "senior" discount on the chicken, eh?!
    Bill in Nebr.

  5. maybe he liked your face?..did you give him the 'I'm hungry look and I don't have much money?'

  6. Great blog and history lesson - keep 'em coming. I really enjoyed the photos especially the ones of those old historic buildings!

  7. butterbean carpenterMarch 6, 2012 at 4:40 PM

    Howdy D&D,
    Did you try to get hold of Marian & Vic Pierson & Sun City?? They'll show you all of the ropes out there.
    Too bad McGuyver don't play 'pasture
    pool'.. Vic plays all of the courses around there.. HE'S ALSO X-UAF-R!!
    That is the size of most scorpions
    down here, most of whom live in the trees!!

  8. That is one crazy chicken story!!!

    We need to visit Georgetown.