Cave Dwellings: More From Jefferson, Texas..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More From Jefferson, Texas..

  This morning we woke up at 5AM and began shutting windows in the Hiker…the rains have begun.  Looks like we are in for a couple days of DVR movies, crossword puzzles and non-stop snacking.  So…this is a good time to let my fingers do the talking and show you more of Jefferson, TX…one of our favorite stops here in Texas…

  We went from the Oakwood Cemetery last Saturday directly into “town”…If I haven’t already told you, Jefferson was once to a main stop for the riverboats coming up from New Orleans, bringing cotton and goods to be taken inland in Texas…


Left is an old railroad trestle over the Big Cypress Bayou…and the Wisteria and Azaleas were in full bloom!!



Some folks were dressed in “period” costume…Obviously, McGyver wasn’t one of themLaughing out loud.  On the right, this guy is painting this mural on the side of Auntie Skinner’s Riverboat Club, and doing a wonderful job…McGyver and I, of course, had to stop to see “our Auntie” for a green beer..Make mine a brown Rum and Coke, please.


Auntie Skinners was packed…St. Paddy’s Day…What a fun place this is!…


Dennis is looking at the plaque…Note the old iron drum in front of him.  …You can read the plaque right along with Den…Texas’s first gaslight system…One of the glass globed gaslights stood right here on this very corner, by the library.


This fountain is in the middle of the street and has a place for people, horses and dogs to get a drink.  In the first pic of it, you can see the small middle fountain for humanoids…In the right photo it shows the spot for horses (the large trough..) and at the  bottom is the spot for dogs  Just imagine the slobber around this before the flowers were planted!…In the background is the Jefferson Carnegie Library…one of only a few left..

There are no chain motels here in Jefferson, but there are a couple old hotels and many B & B’s…


Here is the Jefferson Hotel…We walked into the lobby….and you know I had to get a peek up the steps…(There was no one at the front desk, just a sign saying “Went to lunch…Back in one hour”….ya gotta love it.)  Below are a few of the  many beautiful homes and places to stay…





The photo above, right, is inside the Jefferson General Store..There you can get a cup of coffee for 5 cents…That ‘s the cheapest thing there, and that place was jammed…We bought our 3 1/2 year old Grandson a cork “pop gun” to go with his new Cowboy hat…remember those popguns??  The cork is on a string, so hopefully he can’t reach his 1 year old brother with itSleepy smile…His Mom might just kill us for picking that gift, but it DID say  “ages 3 and up”..

As I sit here and write this, it has been raining nonstop Storm cloudand we have a regular mote around the Hiker..What a crummy day…However, we did get a wonderful surprise in the email…





Our oldest and only Granddaughter, Taylor, had a solo last night at her 7th Grade Spring Choral Concert and her Dad sent us a short video…she is singing a part of the song “HOME”, by Michael Buble’…..She sounded wonderful and I posted it on my Facebook page…not proud or anything, right????


She also has a part in the school musical Thoroughly Modern Millie on April 29th…and we WILL be home for that!!!



Not sure, but tomorrow we might zip down to Gladewater to see my Grandmother’s nephew’s grave…then laundry and groceries..Heckfire, it’s suppose to rain most of tomorrow too, so what the Hey!…We might as well get outta here for a spell…I KNOW WHAT!!!.. We can borrow someone’s fishing boat to get there…That way we could sail our way down,  and “catch some dinner”, LITERALLY, on the way back!!..OK, OK,..but when life gives you lemons, you squeeze out of it what you can!!…and I do believe I can squeeze a few more blogs out….   Our Winter Texan days are numbered, and we leave here next Monday…Where has the time gone??????

“If I cannot fly, let me sing.” 
~ Stephen Sondheim


  1. Hope this weather holds up for your trip home, it is sunny and 81 degrees here at the ranch, Boy Taylor is growing into quite the young Lady everytime you post a picture it looks like she has matured more. What a pretty girl.Bet she doesn't take after Denny. Luckily my Granddaughters look,like Grandma. Be safe out there. Won't be long till it's Miller time. Sam & Donna...

  2. I think you should start a new business and be a tour guide.

    Can we get some of these people out of the back seat?

    Someone's not taking a shower!!!

    I'm just saying..

  3. Love your travelogue of Jefferson. If you ever get to Ohio you should visit Marietta... Hotel Lafayette is outstanding!... as is the whole city... Indian Mounds and all!

  4. love those houses with the big verandas!..way to go Taylor!..going to have to check out the video on your facebook page!!..hope you stay out for the 'lake' when you step outside!

  5. Jefferson looks like a really neat town. We will definitely put it on our "to see" list. Thanks for sharing!!
    Congratulations to Taylor!! You have every right to be proud...its what we do!! I'll check it out on your facebook!!

  6. Thanks for another great tour! Your photos are fantastic. Sure are some neat looking old homes!

  7. Wished I'd had a camera yesterday.
    Sitting in my car for lunch and heard a strange noise, but neighbor is strange anyway, finally looked at my rearview mirror to the major street behind me and here was 4 huge beautiful white horses pulling a white casson down the street. the procession was so long I couldnt even see the end. Across the street is the Calvary Cemetery. Thought Donna C would love to see this. Was amazed , traffic whizzing by in both direction and the horses just clip clopped along. Never have seen this in person, just for JFK on TV. It was very touching