Cave Dwellings: To Gimp or not to Gimp…that IS the question.
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Gimp or not to Gimp…that IS the question.

  First of all, I want to welcome a couple new readers….Andy Altes, and rmnorman1…I may have already welcomed you, and if I did…well…I just did it AGAIN!…My mind isn’t the best at my extended years…Glad to have you aboard, and by now you have already figured out how crazy I can be….

Not to bore you with my ongoing Plantar’s peanuts foot problem..but my PT guy and I had a “set to” Monday. I have been doing PT for almost 3 weeks now, and all I feel is worse.  My foot killed me all weekend, and his answer to  my rantings was..”And what exactly did you do during that time??”…Wellllllll.. I got groceries Thursday, Friday I cleaned my house, Saturday I worked in the yard, Sunday I worked some more in the yard….WHAT’S YOUR POINT?  This is stuff I do all the time!

His point being that I was suppose to stay off my foot as much as possible…WRONG ANSWER…..Unless my foot is falling off my body, I refuse to sit all day on my gluteus maximus and watch TV or read books…that just isn’t my style. Also, I have done just enough research to know that most peeps who have this stuff DON’T go on crutches unless they have had foot surgery for it…Don’t get me wrong…I know I should go easy…and I do.  I haven’t done the 2 mile walk with Dennis for 3 months…I have sat at the computer and done genealogy research most of the winter…But now that the weather is nice,  chances are that I WON’T be just sitting around waiting for the foot fairy to heal me. 

After I told the PT guy this he actually said to me…”Well,, this physical therapy doesn’t work for everyone….Sometimes it just has to heal on it’s own….”,..NO,REALLY?? So….today I put on my brand new Saucony  Progrid Ride 2 shoes and I am wearing them all day to see if that makes a difference.


…I am going to continue the PT until May and see how it goes…but I refuse to use crutches OR just sit around…Sorry, Charlie…I’m just now built that way unless I am in so much pain I CAN’T walk…I remember what the Midlife Cruiser told me a few months ago..She said “don’t let your foot problem define you….”…and I won’t, my blog daughter…I WON’T!!!! ENOUGH SAID ABOUT MY PLANTAR’S PROBLEM!


….Cactus Wren nest……a wildflower in the desert scrub….more foliage in bloom..All taken along the Rio Grande,TX





OK, so I’m in a “nature” kind of mood.  Sometimes you just gotta let nature take over and see what happens…That’s exactly where I am in attitude….(These were ALL taken at Falcon Lake State Park….Gosh I miss that place.)…

Well, this has been a venting blog for me…I’m sure not everyone agrees with my “take control of your own life” campaign…and I know many of you think I should just listen to the Doc and do as he says…and maybe I eventually will, but before I throw in the “towel”..or hop  on one of these…



…..I am going to try to behave somewhat, do what I feel comfortable doing…and see how it goes…This cane, by the way, is one of many my Mother used for most of her adult life…which may explain my nasty attitude toward all walking devices….Hey…ya gotta do what ya gotta do…and I will if I have to, but not until I try it MY way first…



I’m sooooo sorry I was on such a negative vibe today….I promise I will have a more uplifting blog next time….Hey…how could I be such a “Crabby Maxine” when I have this little bundle of joy to do a “meet and greet” with in a couple weeks????


Maddox and his Daddy on Skype yesterday….Yeah, that’s what I’M talkin’ about!!!



  1. Love the cane, my Grandma would crank me in the head once in awhile with hers that looked just like it with all the little edges on it ,you'd get about six welts with one swat, should have been on the dangerous weapons list. Let's just get your foot in as good as shape as you can, and nobody minds a little constructive bitchin once in awhile. Especially when your in pain.. be safe out there, Sam & Donna

  2. Hey you know what goes good with Plantar’s peanuts?

    Bush Light!!!just ask Dennis..

    Take care of your self so we have something to laught at.

  3. Have you ever thought of hopping on a treadmill with one foot in the air? (That's assuming you only have this issue in one foot.)


  4. oh, Donna hang in there1..heck, what is wrong with that PT lie in bed for at least eight hours a day..isn't that enough 'resting'?

  5. I admire your spunk. Just remember, assistive devices sometimes help us do more, not less!! Good luck to you and feel free to unleash Maxine whenever you feel the need.

  6. Not one to do as I'm told many times I would definately make an exception when it comes to medical help. Broke a wrist very badly in a motorcycle crash years ago & had I not followed & maintained a strict rehab program on that wrist I'm sure it would never have healed as well as it did. I still have a big Titanium screw in there holding things together. Of course every situation is different but when it comes to medical stuff I have a tendency to sit down & listen to what I am being told. Despite my own ideas & defiantly independent ways....they are the professionals & know far more about my body than I do. Just sayin......:))