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Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Maddox 2








Well, Maddox is almost 48 hours old and will go to his new home with his new family this afternoon….Sleep will become a thing of the past for Chris and John, and the house will be filled with Pampers, formula, wipes and love.

He is doing just great and he got to meet his big brother. They had a little talk about the pecking order in the family and came to some kind of “brother” agreement…Chris is doing fine also, and their life will be very busy ..getting ready to move everyone into their new house by the end of April….Mimi (me) and Papa are  on call to head off to Indy when needed ,and provide some muscle, gifts, hugs, and…. an extra pickup truck…

Yesterday I got crazy and began to move the patio furniture onto our deck, and the fire pit went down by the garage for the summer.


I have been going to physical therapy twice a week for my foot…I ‘m still not sold on the idea that it is helping…It seems like for a few days after they “massage” my foot, it hurts like Hell.  (Of course, I’m sure it doesn’t  help that I am constantly on it, walking all over the place.)  It’s just that I am NOT one to stay off my feet and sit on my caboose watching TV…especially with the weather turning nice FINALLY and work to do outside…


…Got the front screened porch all cleaned off, new chairs out and ready to eat our breakfast and dinners outside…but not until it gets MUCH warmer…We also LOVE to have our morning coffee and paper out here…This officially initiates Spring into the Cave’s Cave….

  I mentioned that I didn’t win a darn thing from the Maxine Crabby Contest , even though I was a finalist…(however, McGuyver would give me 1st place for my attitude lately)….Well, yesterday the FEDEX truck pulled up and left a little consolation prize for me….


I now am the proud owner of a Maxine “Crabby Button”….just turn it on, push down and you get comments like this…”Life is a series of ups and downs, but if you apply yourself you can stay mad the whole time”…or…”I hate to see people frown….Could you put a bag on  your head till you cheer up?”…or my favorite…”Having a bad day?…Do what I do, find somebody and ruin their day too!”….What’s really scaring me is the fact that I am pushing that button more times a day than I thought I wouldSmile with tongue out…..



  1. Maddox is a real cutey, hope you guys get to see him often, I like your Maxine button.and switching into the summer mode at home. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. I still think you were an amazing Maxine. What do they know anyway. Glad you got a button at least.

  3. Owl is on the gas grill, behind the umbrella...He is getting one last chance to do his job...HOLD DOWN THAT GRILL COVER ...IT'S GONNA GET STORMY TOMORROW!"

  4. Madoxx is a very beautiful new addition to your family!!! since you have the chairs and tables all set up and ready to go..what time is 'happy hour??..I am thirsty!!!

  5. Yep, sleep will be in short supply for awhile :)

  6. Maddox looks great, nice to hear he's coming home too.

    Thought for sure you'd win that contest even though I'd never heard of this Maxine babe!

  7. Maybe you could get Dennis to build you some kind of lighter than air flying machine out in his workshop. Maybe kind of a broomstick concept. In the meantime you could head downtown & kick some town council butt. I seem to recall you had some issues with them awhile back over train whistles. Then, you could slip on your Maxine duds & become known across the land as the all new, Mean Maxine & Her Flying Machine!!

  8. Maddox is such a handsome little dude! I think he looks like a keeper too!

    Kevin and Ruth