Cave Dwellings: The Bunny is hoppin’ around like crazy!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Bunny is hoppin’ around like crazy!

  Because we weren’t exactly sure when we were heading to Indy to see Maddox , I didn’t really plan an Easter dinner here…As it turns out, we are going down early Wednesday AM and  help the Wolff family move into their new home…This means we will definitely be home Sunday for Easter, so I called Terrie and invited their family here on Sunday…Kelly and Cindy went to Arkansas…they were planning on it anyway, but Cindy’s mom fell and broke her hip in 3 places, so it was good they went…It just so happens that we have been traveling for the last 4 Easters, so I had to scramble and put out a few Easter decorations I dug out of the basement…


The past few Easters while out of town, the bunny had it easy..…Now, I had to call EB and let him know we needed some eggs and candy at the Cave Dwellings this year…


I am trying to talk the EB out of using the dreaded grass….That stuff will show up YEARS after you use it…under beds, couches, behind curtains, in cupboards…it gets EVERYWHERE.!!  He finally gave in and reluctantly is using colored tissue paper instead…Thank You, EB.



I am going to attempt this Eggosaurus egg decorating kit….I’ve never been very good at dying eggs…let alone assembling a Brontosaurus , Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Stegosaurus to wrap around them….But..hey, I AM a Cave person..This should be a piece of cake for ME!!!







So today is the egg boiling debacle….I usually end up with 2 dozen eggs….1 dozen cracked and 1 dozen not…This year I actually got online and looked up “how to boil an egg”…something I remember doing right after McGuyver and I were married…It said I needed to bring the eggs to room temp, then put them in warm water before putting them in COLD water to start the boil…How is it no one ever told me this part?…Then, after they are boiled, they are to be put immediately in cold water…Oh boy, this oughta be good…I’ll be surprised if the “Easter” Police don’t show up at my door by 4PM…


Bet you are wondering what the Heck is in the photo on the right…Well, when I was growing up, my Mom always boiled some eggs in onion skins…Some in red, producing a pinkish egg, and some in yellow, producing some golden eggs…I have always done this for our kids and their kids…and they will expect it I am sure…Somehow I think this will be lots easier than the egg dye routine…Disappointed smile

Easter dinner is Papa’s famous grilled whole chickens on the grill, Cheesy Hash Browns, Calico Beans, Cole Slaw, cottage cheese and rolls…Also breakfast pizza(cause I know they will be here early)…appetizers are Kielbasa Mustard Puff Bites, Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip and dessert is Chocolatey Cookie Cake, with ice cream.. (It’s also Tim’s birthday)..Could be I will need to grease my hips to get though the door after this big feedBaring teeth smile


…Just a few items for Maddox…Even though the Wolff’s are Colts fans, Chris still feels warm and fuzzy for the Chicago Bears…FYI, this is just a few of the things we are taking to Indy with us.…I have a gazzilion diapers, wipes and assorted items stashed in our closet..And of course, the Easter Bunny will leave stuff here for us to take along for both boys…

OK, so now I have our screened porch all ready for Spring with one exception….We need 2 new ceiling fans…


After 15 years of snow, heat, humidity and use, our ceiling fans have taken on a new look..  I think some folks walking by think we have some “exotic” cupped, fancy porch fans…No, kids,.. these fan blades were once all perky and straight…running great…Not so anymore….

Time to replace the drooping petal look with some new fans..I see a Menards trip in the near future…




Easter Sunday will find us in cahoots with the Easter Bunny, handing out sugar highs, indigestion,with jelly beans sticking on our shoe bottoms and dreading the usual 2 weeks worth of  Deviled Eggs….Signs of Spring are everywhere now….





  1. I never knew boiling eggs could be so complicated!!

    Looks like Easter Sunday is going to be another great 'eating day' at the Cave's!

  2. We just found out all the Grands will be spending the weekend, and rightly so with there parents, so Donna and i will hide a few baskets for when they come over and then we are going out for a big Easter dinner. you only live once and Donna works to many hours to slave in a kitchen on her day off which happens this week to be Easter Sunday. Have a great weekend. Sam & Donna.

  3. What a great "feel good" post. I loved reading about your Easter plans and the food. Geez. Those porch fans were pretty funny as well.

  4. Does this mean all of your dinosaurs will be pink or gold? Since I'll be traveling next week, I guess it is time to boil up some eggs. Couldn't travel without them! I think mine will all be white, however. :)

    Looks like your fans need an 18 hour bra!

  5. Happy Easter to the Cave people.Kenny and Angela

  6. Happy Easter, Donna and Dennis and all the other Cavedwellers!..enjoy all the fixings and the eggs!!