Cave Dwellings: Never a Dull Moment at the Cave Dwellings…
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, April 25, 2011

Never a Dull Moment at the Cave Dwellings…

  Well, Easter Sunday we had Terrie, Tim, Taylor, Peyton and Campbell Heiser all here at the Cave, hovering over breakfast pizza,

100_9736dyed eggs, candy, squirt guns, water balloons and gift cards…The weather was, believe it or not, PICTURE PERFECT!! EB even managed to hide his eggs outside this year…I was really surprised..and very pleased…that Taylor and Peyton didn’t “out” the Easter Bunny to their little brother, Campbell..Even at their ages, 12 and almost 11, the two older kids hunted the eggs with Campbell, letting him find some that they COULD have .100_9737100_9738

…Our neighbor’s daughter, Jessica, age 11 always shows up when our grandkids are around…She is a sweet girl and quite athletic…She also likes to climb trees….but this time she got up too high…..


McGuyver had to get out our ladder so she could get down…If you look close you can see her in the 1st photo, upper left…balancing on some VERY precarious little branches…This could have turned out badly..but thank God it didn’t.


Easter was also Tim’s 41st birthday…He was “on call” detective for the Glenview PD all Easter weekend.  He had been up most of the night before on a case, but he didn’t get called in Easter Sunday.


I baked him a cake, but couldn’t put all 41 candles on for fear of melting the frosting….and burning the house down. (The beard he is growing doesn’t get shaved until the Hawks lose…)

Taylor loves to sing The Star Spangled Banner, which is one of the hardest songs to sing because of its range…  I did attempt to video her with our digital camera, but naturally I flubbed up and got it in 2 separate videos. I also managed to cut off some of the song… Keep in mind this was VERY impromptu.  She was sitting in our garage in the back of Papa’s ol’ blue truck…(What a stage.) The only people out there with her were her mom, Den, me and our brother-in-law…An easy crowd…(Gramma has trouble doing video with tears in her eyes.)  She does a pretty good job for 12 years old…Too bad I flubbed the video up, but you can get the idea…

Star Spangled Banner Part 1
Star Spangled Banner Part 2…way to go Gramma

I know, I know….I’m really getting crazy with the singing videos…But, hey, I’m a proud Grandmother…nothing more, nothing less…

We had a wonderful Easter…monkeys climbing trees, mega food and left over eggs, cops on call…and a birthday cake…Like I said, never a dull moment at the Cave….

McGuyver and I are leaving Wednesday early AM for Indy to see our newest grandson, Maddox..So,  if you are tired of the family photos, I advise not checking my next blog (which will not be until we get back..probably Sunday)….I cannot help myself…Photos are memories, and I try to get as many as my family will tolerate!!



  1. What a beautiful grandaughter and can she sing!!!! Glad you had a great Easter up here in Ontario it was very cold.
    Island Travellers

  2. I know what ya mean, Gramma. I get teary eyed watching my grand daughters do karate!! Thanks for sharing a special moment with us. Looks like you had a wonderful day.

  3. Taylor has such a wonderful voice, no wonder your proud,I had to laugh, there's Dennis ever the firemam going to the rescue,but you right she was a lucky girl those branches held out.Have fun in Indy. Be safe out there, we never tire of the kid pictures. Sam & Donna...

  4. American Idol look out in a few year's she is going to be a hit.

    Glad you all had a good Cave Easter..

  5. I never tire of you showing pics of your grandchildren as there always seems to be something fun going on as well. Nice video and Taylor has a great voice!!

    Enjoy your trip to Indy!

  6. safe travels as you head to Indy to see the newest 'caveboy'!! the video of Taylor singing..nothing wrong with being a proud gramma!!
    now as for the beard! will be off tomorrow night!!..go Canucks go!!..well at least we can hope!!

  7. Sounds like a really great family gathering for Easter! You have every right to be a proud grandmother....Taylor has some kind of talent. She really hit those high notes nicely. Very nice indeed!!