Cave Dwellings: Sweats in the AM, shorts in the PM
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweats in the AM, shorts in the PM

Well, for the past few mornings I have been in sweats, but by noon I am lounging in the Texas sunshine (out of the wind, of course)..The air is really "crispy"(code word for darn chilly) when we get up. But as the sun slowly climbs in the sky, it warms up to a tolerable "tanning" temp. I stuck my head out the door yesterday morning before coffee and took a picture of the sunrise...really beautiful!!

I made a discovery yesterday...that I have been lying to you about the Pyromaniac birds..I posted a red bird that looked like a Cardinal and said it was a Pyromaniac(not their real name)....The reason it looked so much like a Cardinal is because it WAS a Cardinal!! After talking to people here who are WAY more knowledgable than myself, I was told there ARE Cardinals here..and the other birds that I so rudely call Pyromaniacs are never red..So now, with my sincere apologies to James Audubon,here is a photo Dennis took of the REAL Pyrrohloxia (real name)..this is a male...
Here is another shot of him...The males have a reddish breast, the females don't, but they both have a bigger "top knot" and more curved parrot-like beak than the Cardinals...Now that I have totally confused you I have yet another cool bird to show you, and this time I am SURE of the name...This, my geeky bird watching friends, is a Altimira Oriole..different than the previously posted Oriole..
Here is another view..
Sooooo many birds,, so little room to post them all.
Today is Wed. Jan 14th. It certainly felt like it last down to 37 degrees. TURN UP THE FIREPLACE, DENNIS!! Actually we stay nice and cozy in our RV, thanks to our electric fireplace..It sure makes a rainy cool day more tolerable..just pop some popcorn, put in a DVD and turn up the fireplace!! Like I said, this is not camping, this is RV living!!
Yesterday we drove 2 miles up to Falcon Heights.We needed to go to the one person post office and check for some mail we know is coming from our granddaughter, Taylor. It wasn't there yet...must be coming by mule train. I have to tell you about the itsy town of Falcon Heights. At one time it actually WAS a town. The main state road, RT 83, use to go right through Falcon Heights...until they decided to build the dam and bridge. Then they had to re-route 83 out about 2 miles from the town...and the town basically died. Here is a picture I took of "The Falcon INN"...My guess is that it use to be a restaurant....Not much happenin' at the Falcon Inn today.
There are other buildings in the same abandoned shape; the Falcon Trading Post, for one, a motel,a couple buildings I cannot discern what they were...and that is mostly what is left of the town. They do have a brand new post office and a little "convenience" store and beauty shop. There are also a few houses on old Rt. 83, but that's about it...very sad.
Well, I have to go and powder up my baby back ribs to smoke for dinner tonight. I put my rub on them, wrap them in foil and Den puts them over an open Oak wood fire for about an hour...then we take them off, unwrap them and grill them over charcoal...alot of work but trust me, it is worth it!! Chili's baby back ribs ain't got nothin on my ribs!!!!! Later...

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