Cave Dwellings: Close Encounters of the "Bird" Kind
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, January 16, 2009

Close Encounters of the "Bird" Kind

Hi again from the land of the Rio of "a thousand birds". Today is cloudy and 63 degrees. We took our walk this morning in sweatshirts again. This has been a very strange day, birdwise...It seems that some of the birds have discovered that our back window is like a mirror..they can see themselves and think they are seeing another bird. I know, it IS weird! Den says they may be able to see themselves better on a cloudy day like today, when the sun isn't shining on our window. At any rate, they are hanging on our back window and bike rack...they are fluttering around and bouncing off the windows, like they want to fight... or get in (NOT!). It is truly becoming creepy, and I am reminded of Tippy Heddron and the movie "The Birds"....We took some photos of them and you need to click on them and make them bigger to get the true feeling of how close they are...
This guy is an Audubon's Oriole..I got a closer one nextHe was seriously sitting right on our window ledge.

And now we have the Cactus Wren who fell in love with Dennis.....and then gave him "the moon"..I gotta tell ya, they don't just peck at our back window,now they are at most all of our windows looking in..strange...but makes some great "fodder" for my blog, and some pretty neat photos. There is a "bird lady" here in the park( not a lady bird) that gives "bird walks" about 3 mornings a week...all you have to do is sign up at the Rec Hall...Hey, Dennis can do a great "bird walk", he has a great set of bird legs!! Ha ha..Couldn't resist that one. They really do give bird walks and I told Den we should sign up so at least we know who our attackers are.
There are also some cute little Northern Bob White Quail here at the park. I love the Quail, they don't attack our camper. They just strut around in a group and scratch at the dirt..I told Dennis I think one would look great dressed.. and in our crockpot..he told me I was a sick puppy..and I am..and proud of it..Cudos to David Ikonen. He has a recipe for every creatures we see down here...just kidding, of course (in case any ASPCA people or "tree huggers" are reading this).Here is one of our cute little quail..I think I will name him "Dinner"...JUST KIDDING!!

I do have one more photo..this is of another "strange bird"..His name is Larry and he is camped across from us in an "interesting" truck camper. Larry is a very nice guy from New York and is down here by himself, driving around the campground on his little motorbike..Here is a photo of his "home away from home"Note that the camper has a name..check out the "LI BEACH HOUSE" across the in "Long Island Beach House." Larry has a sense of humor, at least. He puts his motorbike on the back platform when he travels...not a chick magnet beach house..
Well, the birds seem to have settled down..they didn't attack Dennis when he went out to get some ice. I guess it's safe to take a bike ride around the park. I hope you know I am exaggerating slightly about the attack birds...but they really think our windows are mirrors...I live to blog another day.....Later,,

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  1. Had to check out the blog tonight, it has been so cold back here, I needed to warm up with a little bit of your Texas humor. Love the bird pics. Some of them are really cuties, some are a bit homely. But, at least I can see birds, all we have is squirrels making paths from the trees to our deck and believe it or not they follow the same path back and forth. With the weather we have had it sure doesn't take a lot to entertain us.