Cave Dwellings: Donna's "Great Adventure" with her 1968 Schwinn Typhoon
Cave Dwellings

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Donna's "Great Adventure" with her 1968 Schwinn Typhoon

This morning I decided I needed to mail some postcards, but had no stamps. Since it was a georgeous day, sunny and warm, I figured I could ride my good 'ol Schwinn up to the post office in Falcon Heights...maybe a ride of a couple miles or so. Dennis was "busy" working on crossword puzzles, so I struck out on my own. I did take my cell phone in case my poor old bike broke down. It does have 2 bald tires and you can see the threads bulging through. I really need a new bike, but hate to give up my "old lady" bike with the big butt seat.
I left the camper about 10AM. I fully intended to ride all the way to the Falcon Bridge/Dam to see it..which is another 1 or 2 miles. I headed up to the park headquarters and realized that it was mostly uphill. Needless to say, I had to walk my Schwinn a good share of the way until I got to the park gears on these old bikes.
There is a neat old church right at the corner to go toward Falcon Heights that I need a photo of, but there is a sign that says "Private Property"..HMMMM. I never have been one to follow the rules, but I do think twice before insulting the traditions and private churches down here..I have always said,"May God strike me down....", but I surely don't MEAN it!! I decided to forgo the photo and maybe sneak one on my way back.
I proceeded on my adventure into Falcon Heights...Now, just before you "ride into town", there is a 4 way stop. If you go straight, you are in Falcon Heights, if you go right, you are about 2 miles from the bridge to Mexico..It is starting to look a little more scary to me now...So, I decided to make that decision AFTER I went to the post office.
I took a few more photos in Falcon Heights...Here is the "Trading Post"...or WAS ...If you look closly you will see 2 old gas pumps on the right amongst the weeds..
Keep in mind that the main road, State RT 83 is paved..the roads in "town" off of this are gravel...The road to the bridge is also paved. Here is a photo of an old bar and taqueria (sandwiches)..obviously neither drinks OR sandwiches have been served from this building in a loooooong time.
I went to the post office and mailed my cards...Since the postmaster lady was really nice (highly unusual for postal workers), I decided to ask her,"Is it safe for me to ride my bike up to the bridge by myself??"..Hey, I was very close to the border! She replied that ,yes, it was fairly safe, but not on a bike..The people drive like maniacs to and from the bridge, so she told me..And did she just say "fairly" safe?? I made my decision then and there to leave the bridge adventure to a time when I am accompanied by my favorite tour guide AND we are in a vehicle..I got back on my trusty Schwinn and before "riding out of town" took this photo of a pretty nice house across the street from the post office..
On my was back a I took a few photos...This first is a tree that I have been wanting to take a picture of every time we go in and out of the park...pretty cool, eh??
And here is a road going into the brush toward the Rio Grande that I am sure you DO NOT want to go down..I'll just bet the Border Patrol knows of this road!!

And, as I ride by the little church that is private property, I sneak into the brush (only a step or two...I don't relish coming face to face with either a snake, or an Hispanic with a shotgun). I took this photo quickly and peddaled my ass back down the park road..
So, now that my little trip was drawing to a close, I rode my trusty Schwinn past park headquarters and Den's favorite "fun time" place, the dump station down the park road..And, as a footnote, here is the sign that "greets" all those entering Falcon State Park....Really make you want to unroll your sleeping bag and sleep right out there under the stars, huh?????..and the part about no alchohol...yea, right....

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