Cave Dwellings: Our Last Week on The Road
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Last Week on The Road

This is our last week long stop on the road heading North... and home. Again, we are a trillion miles from nowhere....the nearest town is Cassville, Missouri, 30 miles of up and down, round and round...winding wooded roads. We are one of two campers in the park..It is an Army Corps campground called Big M, as in Missouri (or as in miles from anywhere). We got set up Wednesday after driving most of the day in a light mist of rain...not fun. When we finally found our campground, there was no one at the main gate, which I have pictured at the end of a long hill.

There was a camper next to the gatehouse with a "Pay Here" sign, and after seeing nobody outside, I ran up to the door and knocked..A lady answered and told me "we are closed today, go find your spot and come back tomorrow". Now,we knew we had reserved site #53, but she offered no map of the campgrounds, so we struck out on our own to find it...This place is a maze of roads. We ended up going down a road which ended in Table Rock Lake...flooded..So, Den had to back our rig up the hill and into a drive to turn around..not a good start. We finally found our site, got set up and settled in.

The good news is that we have cell phone service here. The bad news is that we had thunder, lightening, and pouring rain all night long..
Yesterday we got a weather alert on our radio saying the Army Corps was going to raise the level of Table Rock Lake 3 to 4 feet...Today when we took our walk toward the lake, we saw how absolutely flooded it is here..What you see sticking out of the lake is the ROOF of the shower house down by the lake..Luckily we are up high in the woods and very dry.

This next photo is Den the road disappears into the lake.

We followed the dry part of the road and ended up just outside the main gate, where they are putting in a subdivision of new homes...this picture is the office. This is a lovely spot for a home, but a little too secluded for me..I need at least a KFC within 20 miles just to survive!
We are about 60 miles from Branson, but that is of no interest to us..Unless they have an Alan Jackson theater, which I know they don't..they DO have a Gatlin Brothers theater...but, somehow, it isn't quite the same. We are considering driving the 30 miles into Cassville for a few groceries..and....the WalMart here has beer, wine and even liquor..more than I could ever hope for!!! I may...or may not more before we head out..this depends upon what interesting items I have to post. Considering trees interesting gets old..In the words of Grandma Kate, "If you've seen one tree, you've seen them all"..ya just had to love her!