Cave Dwellings: "Deliverance" Revisited
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Deliverance" Revisited

Well,Wednesday morning we drove the 80 miles from Texarkana to Gilham Lake Arkansas...the last 10 miles in a deluge so bad you couldn't hardly see to drive...but we finally made it. We are about 8 miles from the town of Gilham, population 133...and absolutely NO cell phone service for another 10 miles..So our only communication is, thank God,our email and internet.
As we drove down into the campground I felt a sense of the movie "Deliverance"..and totally expected Burt Reynolds to appear from behind a tree, dressed in his sleeveless shirt and carrying a rifle.. There are only about 5 other campers here with us and they are down on the other end of our loop. I love the people down laid back..We saw a political sign on the way..."Johnny Bob Simmons for Sheriff" I need to say he had on a cowboy hat??
One other major problem here....DRY county...A problem for one who is almost out of Rum and Wine...Oh, they have a WalMart about 25 miles from here, except one problem with that...ANOTHER DRY COUNTY!!!! We drove in there today for birdseed and hamburger buns and Den asked a guy where you can buy liquor around here..He told Den to drive about another 20 miles West, into Broken Bow, Oklahoma, where there is a liquor store..So, since we were halfway there, we did. All in all, we drove 90 miles round trip for 1.75 liter of Rum and a box of wine for.... guess who??.
The campground we are at is right on the river here, waaaaaaay down in a beautiful wooded ravine. Our spot sits up above the river,( which is now out of it's banks.) There are not as many pine trees, so hardly any pollen. The spot of the river we are on is very narrow and the water is rushing past us..sounds like the wind is blowing, but it is really just the sound of the water.
We have a special "scout" just across the river from us..He is a gorgeous Bald Eagle who sits high in the top of a dead tree above the river and watches...Now I know why I felt we were being watched when we set up our camper...WE WERE! He is there almost all of the time....and once there were two of them. I took a couple photos with our zoom lens..they aren't great but you get the idea.
We are all settled in now, with booze, beer, wine, food for us (and food for the birds) AND a Tornado Watch until 5AM tomorrow. I wonder how fast we can run to the cement shower house with our drinks in hand if our weather radio sounds??
Well, if you want to talk to us...use the email..we are hanging out with our trusted Eagle "scout" whom I have named "Tonto", and, of course, Burt Reynolds. Life is good, but only if we don't blow away tonight. I will take a few more pictures when the sun shines!


  1. That was funny...if you are waiting for the sun to shine around here, you will be waiting awhile.

    Just don't let your imagination get the best of you when you hear the "squealing pig" noises. It is just the Javalina. But, from our experience, you will be able to smell them before you hear them.

    Have fun! and dance in the rain!

  2. I think I finally got inot your blog. Weather here excellent. Not as good as yours. Had a nice thanksgiving with Jen and Erwin. Have the kids today. Jake and Sue are making stuffed potato peels.Yummy on the tummy.Dave

  3. That was a good movie... one of a kind... and that river was awesome... guess all that country is under water now?