Cave Dwellings: Character Building Evening
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, April 4, 2008

Character Building Evening

Last night was a bit of a character builder. I hate storms after dark, especially if you are living in an RV, which could make Dorothy's house in The Wizard of Oz look like it was standing still in the tornado. We were awake until 1AM, watching our radar on the computer and listening to the weather radio. It didn't help that we heard sirens sounding twice. ALMOST ran to the shower house! We found out this morning from some other more knowledgable campers that they sound sirens when they raise or lower the water from the dam into the river..and we are very close to the dam...So, after some wind, small hail and TONS of rain we went to bed..and it proceeded to pour all night much for Burt showing up in this downpour! My heart was broken.

This is just a short blog..I wanted to show off my photos of the Great Blue Heron who resides on this river..I have been possessed to get a good shot(as in camera, not gun,) of him, and today he posed on the little island right in front of us. As I usually do with any wildlife, I named him.."Clive"..very regal. He reminds me of an old British guy with a bad comb over.. I think he will want 8" X 10" glossies for himself. He stayed in one spot for about half an hour and I was thrilled! I AM easily entertained, obviously. Give me food, drink, and a few great birds and I am literally a happy camper! Here are the results of my hanging over the railing and risking life and limb for Mr. Clive Heron.

More tomorrow..the sun is suppose to shine!!Yea!! It has been about a week!

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