Cave Dwellings: Our Last Blog This Trip
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, April 14, 2008

Our Last Blog This Trip

I had to post one more last blog before we leave here Wednesday morning.. We took a couple more flood pictures...This one is the road we had to back the RV up and turn it around because the road was flooded...We drove all the way to where that fenced in building that is now underwater...that is how much the water has come up in 5 days.

Here is the same building ..I zoomed in on it.

We walked down by the marina today and the walkway to get to it is WAY pictured.

This is the road that goes down to the lake...this sign is normally about 1 city block ahead of the lake...not anymore!!

Just up the road, on one of our walks, we discovered a subdivision they are building out here, with one log home finished. I wanted to walk through it, but Den said we shouldn't..we would be trespassing..whatever! So I was forced to slip through the trees and take this photo. I love the home...loved the woods and setting, but it is too remote out here for me...I need civilization a little closer than this!!
We have had a friend, a little red fox (not the comedian) who we have seen 3 times in the past 3 days..Saturday he walked right through our spot in front of Dennis at the campfire, Sunday he walked right down the road in front of our camper with a rabbit or squirrel in his mouth, and today he crossed the road in front of us on our walk...Loved it!!
This is surely the last time I will bore you with my travel blog...We will be dismantling our Hughesnet dish and go offline tomorrow night..and be offline until Thursday evening when we get home....This has been my first blog and great fun..I hope you enjoyed traveling with us this winter...If we go anywhere exciting again, I will let you know...Thanks for reading!! Den and Donna


  1. Hey, I know you are sad to end your adventures and come home to our boring little 'burb, but, we are very glad you are on your way and please be safe all the way home. We have sure enjoyed traveling along with you and keeping up with your fun times.
    Jim & Barb

  2. It's been a great trip. I really like being able to see where you are and hear about all your travels. Drive safe coming home.

    Later gator



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