Cave Dwellings: What A Day!!!!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What A Day!!!!!

Well, we had one good day when we got here and since then it has been cloudy and really windy!! I took a couple pictures of the surf just beyond our camper. Today is Saturday and it is even windier today. We are under a severe thunderstorm watch here through 11PM..oh woopee...we love it here on the water, but there is no shelter from the wind here. It could be a wild ride tonight, but we DO have a weather radio with us.

There are actually a few people sitting out by the water and fishing! We are real wooses, sitting in our RV,which is rocking in the wind, with beef stew in the crockpot, watching Daytona racing..I LOVE camping!! I must say, the temp has been in the 70's daytime and doesn't go below 67 at night, so I won't crab about the wind.

WELLLLLLL!! It is now about 5PM and we are getting some huge waves crashing against the sea wall, just about 15 feet from our back window. Dennis has been outside about a dozen times to make sure our internet dish is still standing....and it is. We have been here 4 times now and NEVER seen the seas this rough..I took a couple shots from inside

and a I made Den go outside and shoot one. I am glad we have a crockpot meal tonight..I don't think a fire is a possibility. We may, perhaps, burn down the lovely homes just behind the backwater...not good.

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  1. Feb. 17th, 2008...Coming from Yorkville and stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home - rain all day and some of the low parts of various roads are covered in run off water and I think we have waves as big as those. 40 + degrees today and tonight dropping to below zero...ought to be fun driving on the slick roads tomorrow. Jim checked your Blog today and really enjoyed the pics and your narrative. I really got a kick out of some of your comments. You go girl.
    Jim & Barb