Cave Dwellings: Our Last Day On the Bay
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our Last Day On the Bay

Well, today is our last day here at Goose Island State Park. We leave tomorrow morning for Canyon Lake, North of San Antonio, where we first met up with our Minnesota pals, Wayne and Ronae.
Let me just say that last night was really a character builder. The day started out cloudy and a little windy, then turned sunny by noon. Being a sun worshiper, I got out my new chair and propped myself in front of our camper right on the bay...Well, I did manage to get a picture of looking through my knees at the white caps.

I also took a great shot of the oyster boats out in front of us...and it just kept getting windier.

When I began getting wet from the waves splashing on the seawall and couldn't keep my sun visor on, I took my act to the rear of the camper and set up again...This was OK for about 15 minutes, when the gusts were so bad I couldn't stand it..and I was now getting a mist traveling all the way to the back end, about a total of 40 ft...time to give it up!!
As the evening wore on, the waves and wind became worse and were now breaking and spraying the back end. By 9PM waves were spraying us so hard even though it was dark, we could hear the wave spray hitting our window...HARD!! ..and rocking the camper... it became a little we went to bed. There is nothing like salt water all over your black truck to make you appreciate a fresh water lakefront parking spot...When the water dries and the salt "sets up" your vehicles are encased in sodium...lovely. Oh well, I see the first thing on the agenda Thursday morning is washing the truck and RV..
One last picture from the ocean...Dennis took it...It is a beautiful photo of an Egret standing in the backwater right here beside our camper...It is fast becoming one of my favorite pictures of this place..

We will blog more when we get settled at Potter's Creek in Canyon Lake...keep checkin' in!!

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